Tuesday, December 2, 2008

When Is Enough Enough?

Ahhh...the Christmas/Holiday shopping season is upon us.

Seven million fewer people may have participated in Black Friday, but the hordes still attacked the stores like starving zombies. Online retailers ramped up their offers and the news media interviewed shoppers (some with fear in their eyes) trying to explain to their children that Christmas would be downsized this year.

And here I sit wondering how many gadgets, sweaters, books, cellphones, DVDs and silly talking reindeer a person really needs? Will the mad rush to put packages beneath the tree satisfy us or enhance our quality of life? And once our wallets and patience have worn thin, will our lives will our soul be nourished? I doubt it.

Isn't the Christmas holiday a celebration of the Creator and His gift to us?

Call me a Scrooge if you want but, all this hoopla over Christmas disgusts me more each year. The pressure to participate leads people to debt, despair, anger, jealousy, and insecurity far more than cheer and good will toward man.

Tell your friends you're not participating in the annual siege and they're likely to check your pulse or inquire about your mental health. And somewhere in their reflection you'll sense their desire to free themselves of the burden too. But, you both intuitively know they fear not being "normal" and dread the reactions of friends and family if they're not in line for another exhausting round.

In those rare, quiet moments of reflection (if they have any), are they wondering if this will be the last big holiday hurrah before the bottom really falls out of the package laden sleigh?

And if their thoughts are travelling along that line, do they sense that this may be a good thing?


Patricia said...

We haven't participated in Christmas for years. My family gave up on the commercialism aspect years ago, and that carried over into my life with my husband. At work I might participate a little, but only a little and then I tell people I just plain don't do the gift thing.

The whole "holiday shopping" thing makes me ill. It's a mental illness which thoroughly detracts from the lovely and loving aspect of Christ's birth, whatever part of the year it occurred.

Good post, Treesong, and right on the money.

Staying Alive said...

I don't celebrate the Xmas and don't intend to. I liked our thought that it might be over when the SHTF. Then we can go back to just worshipping God. And he DOES deserve our worship!