Wednesday, December 10, 2008

$ General Is My Friend and Other Musings

Dollar General

So I got to Dollar General today. Yeah, pinto beans were $2.96 for 4#. I got six bags. A 32 oz. Miracle Whip was $3.25. I got six. At the grocery store next door it's $4.79! This batch of Miracle Whip has a use by date of 5/09/09. It will last beyond that; believe me, I know.

Also stocked up on Graham crackers for $1.25, I think. Got two more of those. One of our new snacks is peanut butter on graham crackers. Then it was on to dandruff shampoo for $2, gallon size freezer storage bags (22ct.) for $2, and boxes of instant mashed potatoes. Forget what I paid for those but it was cheap. I don't keep them in the cardboard boxes. I'm fortunate to have gallon size jars and they store lots of goodies.

Other Thoughts

Don't know about you but, I won't be surprised when -

Housing prices decline by another 15-25%,
When gasoline climbs to $4 and above,
When there are more plant takeovers like the place in Chicago,
When the crime rate skyrockets from desperate people doing the unthinkable,
When a few hundred more banks fail,
When Martial Law is declared,
When there are assassination attempts or worse CEOs who think they deserve a $10 million bonus,
When there's a few terrorist attacks in this country - some from within, others from outside,
When every state in the union is bankrupt,
When requests for assistance at state/federal human services programs become unbearable and excruciating cuts are made - this was announced today in Michigan,
When schools are closed because they can no longer operate,
When business closings become routine in every community - not just big employers but all those that get the trickle down affect,
When suicides and domestic violence escalates to unheard of levels.

And I especially won't be surprised when a chorus of people shout, "How could this be? This is America!"

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Bustednuckles said...

There are a few million individuals in this country who are about to get a big slap upside the head from something called reality.

Most anyone under forty who have no direct relatives who had survived the Depression of the Thirties and learned to survive.

This isn't going to be a video game that you can just reset and start over.