Monday, December 1, 2008

The View From Our Place

The view out our dining window is nearly a whiteout. We had about nine inches of snow last night and it's been snowing non stop since 2 p.m. If I were a bit more ambitious I'd run outside and make a snow angel. Have to do that first thing tomorrow morning when everything is newly covered and the tracks are buried. Gotta keep some child like wonder in you, right?

Sweetie's report at the doctor was good. In fact he has better lab results than the young doctor himself. Must have his mother's genes. The only test that showed any variation was one that measure kidney function. It's a bit lower than the minimum normal but the doc said he'd be ready for dialysis when he's about 90. So now we're on to the chemical stress test which is not scheduled until Dec. 16th. In the meantime he has two new meds replacing three of his old ones. So onward we go.

Talked to a friend today who's having a rough time. Told her to stop by at her convenience and pick up a couple boxes of food. Lord knows we have enough. She had called about a fireplace insert we have for sale but after measuring it we realized it was the wrong size for her use. At this point we would have given it to her because she's going to have it rough this winter.

While we were in town we stocked up on a few things and got to talking to one of the cashiers. She's been employed there a long time (part time as everyone is) and realized she lives about three miles southeast of us. AS we were leaving another our favorite cashier made a point of meeting us at the door on our way out. She whispered, "If you're looking for someone to help this Christmas (she knows we do this) she really needs it. Her husband was in a wreck and can't work the small farm or repair cars." Come to find out they have five kids at home, about six cows, chickens, an old farmhouse and the hubby makes his living as a "backyard mechanic." So we go her last name, looked them up in the phone book and put together six boxes of food. She leaves for work at 8 a.m. tomorrow and the kids will be in school so we'll leave the food in their front porch tomorrow morning.

Just goes to show there's always someone worse off and you never know what opportunities are nearby. Later, Treesong


Anonymous said...

anything can happen any time..broke arm in 2 places and disloated elbow...surg. next wk. have lots of food on hand and med.preps came real handy. hard to type with 1 finger. glad i had cell phone on hand and was charged up. meb

Mayberry said...

That's great, helping out your neighbors. 5 kids, sheesh! They need all the help they can get!