Saturday, December 13, 2008

Changing My Diet

I've mentioned in other posts that I'm eating less meat but over time I've realized I have to radically change my diet. In the long run it will improve my health; in the short run I am challenged to ignore fulling one third of our stock. And therein lies my dilemma.

I am allergic to dairy, gluten, cinnamon and iodine. The iodine part has never been an issue as I prefer to keep living. So shellfish of any kind in any form is out. But God help me with the pasta, bread and cheeses.

It's to the point where my throat and nose were filling with flem after eating these items. For a long time I excused it away as "having a cold" or "not able to shake that damn bronchitis." After a month worth of nearly constant spitting, coughing and clearing my throat and driving Sweetie nearly mad, I had to relent.

A trip to the doctor confirmed my suspisions. When my allergies to wood smoke and cat dander and I'm a walking target in this house.

So tonight begins my new diet. I dread it already.

We have Sweetie's mother hear again for dinner. They're having shrimp, salmon patties, Yukon Gold potatoes and salad. I'm having pinto beans, potatoes and salad.
For dessert they're having strawberry ice cream. I'm having an orange.

Wish me perseverance.


HermitJim said...

Hey, I can sympathise with ya. I don't have any allergies, but everything you named I count as in my favorites.

My baby sis has a lot of allergies counting things like pork and white flour...and her hubby is diabetic, so she must be very creative in her menu.

Hang in there...and good luck!

treesong said...


I'm also diabetic though it's mild and controlled by my diet.

So maybe I'll lose lots of weight and look like the svelt, stunning gal I used ta be!! HA, HA!

Staying Alive said...

What ever it takes, do it. Let others eat what they might but you stick to a plan that will keep you with us for many years. And as time passes you will learn how you can have goodies within your limitations. Can you have wheat and oats? They sure are filling and nutritious. Good for you, too.


treesong said...

NOTHING with gluten which is found in all flour/bread unless I buy or make the gluten free kind.

I've been reading labels. That's a whole new education regarding what has wheat in it. No more tomatoe soup unless I make it from our home canned tomatoes. Ditto for chicken noodle soup.

Thank God my bag of Uncle Rays corn chips doesn't contain wheat. I'd surely die!

d.a. said...

As someone who is also wheat intolerant, I can empathize what you're going through! Take a look at "Living Without" magazine. Most of their recipes and articles are geared toward the wheat and dairy intolerant. Good luck!

treesong said...


Thanks for the info. We'll be in Traverse City today and I'm stopping at Oryana Co-op for some gluten free bread. Miss my toast in the a.m.!