Thursday, December 18, 2008

Business As Usual

Well, slick Willy's financial revelations include massive amounts of money from Middle Eastern countries, Baba Streisand, and Katrina donors.

And then the credit card industry is supposedly in for an overhaul. Yeah right. And I'm getting' a tummy tuck and face lift while I live on Social Security. Anything's possible, right?

The proposed new credit card rules will go into affect in 18 months. Not in their present form they won't. Don't be fooled. And why 18 months? ANSWER: so the cc companies can lobby the big guys in Washington, you dim wit.

I tell ya' - day after day after day it's the same crap.

I see there's an internet move under way to send shoes to Bush. I say pack 'em with poo-poo first then send them. And, being the ever creative, industrious people that we are, another person is offering Bush shoe tee-shirts. I WANT ONE, I WANT ONE!! Now why didn't I think of Bush shoe Tee-shirts? I could use a few extra bucks. 'Course I'd need some $ to start the damn enterprise so there goes that idea.

How about I start a national call for a march on the white house where we all leave our shoes and walk home barefoot? The walking home barefoot is likely on the horizon anyway. Never mind that they'll get harder to afford, there aren't any (or many) MADE in this country anyway. With shipping stats tanked we'd be hard pressed to get ANY shoes.

The unemployment stats are so high now that states are running out of money to pay the claims. Ah well, just tax us for sipping on a Coke in public for God's sake! Our "representatives" will consider any imaginative, asinine way to generate money.

Ah, hell, enough rant for now.

Was gonna post a picture of our dinner - as promised yesterday - but we were hungry and I forgot. Hey, if the big guys can make excuses so can I.

Later Treesong


HermitJim said...

It seems that the only thing that changeds in the news stories each day are the names...the stories are always pretty much the same.

Now I see that they are rioting in the streets against the government in Athens, of all places! You would think that the so called "leaders" of this country would take the hint...and try to make some progress.

Staying Alive said...

Tell Hermit Jim the fedgov HAS taken the hint. They are puting 20,000 troops out on the streets of America.

They could have a live-fire exercise right here in America. But they only get one shot at that little trick then it's our turn!

The resulting INSURGENCY will be the most amazing thing you ever saw. It will make those guys in Iraq look like babies.

Stay prepped and stay free!