Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Mr's. Trouble and Adversity

Well, I guess it was bound to happen. Sooner or later we're all visited by Mr's. Trouble and Adversity. So we're rounding out 2008 with a one-two-three punch.

The First Punch: Our truck motor blew up yesterday. So we're 10 miles out of town with no vehicle - unless you count the John Deere 410 backhoe/loader. Yesterday Sweetie spent an hour on the phone trying to scrounge up another engine. He has two possibilities so he's going to borrow a car to look at them and use until the truck is repaired. Once it's fixed our funds will be lower than we've ever experienced - like about one month's SS check!!!. I take comfort in the fact that we'll have lots of company as the months unfold. No fun living on SS and having no retirement account (which has likely lost at least 50% now anyway). We sold my old beater last summer instead of scrapping it, and I'd warned him that we were vulnerable. I've not said "I told you so" because there's nothing worse than hot oil on an open wound.

The Second Punch: I woke up this morning unable to walk so MS is visiting for awhile. Thank God, my walker is stashed in the closet right next to my side of the bed. I've hobbled around before and our home is on one level so it's not too bad. MS is aggravated by stress so I'm thinking the accumulated punches have taken their toll.

The Third Punch: Sweetie left the shed unlocked and all our spare fuel was stolen. Someone came down the drive in last night's storm and stole 5 gallons of diesel, 45 gallons of regular and one gallon of chainsaw fuel. We're 400 feet off the road; the wind gusts were 45-50 mph; it was snowing a complete whiteout; and the temp was 6 degrees with -20 wind chills. These thieves were determined and desperate. According to the wheelbase and tire size still somewhat visible, they weren't driving a 4-wheel drive so they got stuck in our drive. Sweetie took some satisfaction by saying they must have nearly froze shoveling themselves out. If their vehicles was still there it would have been hot wired and probably driven to town!

During his coffee break from plowing he said, "You know, last night I remember thinking no one in their right mind would be out stealing in this weather so I didn't go back out and lock up."

Guess that goes to show thieves are not in their right mind. But I digress from my determination not to get angry with him. He absolutely does not need it.

Okay, I'm better now just having vented here instead!

They say there's a silver lining to every adversity, though sometimes I'm hard pressed to find one. But here's the three I've realized: First, he'd filled the backhoe last night so not all the diesel was gone. Second, and he was able to plow us out. Third, he'd talked to the neighbor who was driving by and arranged for a ride to town tomorrow.

The neighbor's place had also been robbed - 10 gallons of gas in their unlocked tack room. They're real close to the road so the thieves had just pulled to the roadside. Hopefully there's another lesson learned.

So, life goes on and somehow we'll recover. Tonight, I'll drink my warm cider and give thanks that we're warm; we have plenty of food and supplies; and most important - we have one another.


Mamma Bear said...

Oh Treesong.... When it rains it pours and I feel your pain. We are on a dead end road about 3/4 of a mile from the main road. If there is a strange vehicle on our road it is paid attention to. We only have one person on this road everyone needs to be wary of and I guess they know by now, they and any of their company, is watched by all concerned. I hope God blesses you several times over with what was taken from you and your MS gets kicked far into the background.

treesong said...

Thanks Mama Bear for your kind words. They do help!

Mayberry said...

Ugh! Well, bad things come in threes, so you should be done now.... Did you need any more help on that thing you e-mailed me about? I've got all afternoon.....

Bustednuckles said...

Wow, you guys are really taking a beating lately.

I can relate! I swear I had my own personal little black cloud follow me around for years and I have had quite a run of rotten luck my self, lately. Hang in there.
Sending you some much needed Karma and best wishes for a heck of a lot better New Year.


ConfessionsOfAnOverworkedMom said...

Wow that is really rotten. I know they will get what's due to them eventually. I'll pray you are due for some good luck soon!