Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Today's Journey & Observations

We were on the road at 8 a.m. today for Sweetie's doctor appointment in Traverse City at 9:30. It's a 40 mile drive one way for us (to the edge of Traverse) and typically we would have allowed an hour for the trip. Heavy snow and ice had clogged side roads and the visibility was crap so we were allowing extra time. Smart move that most intelligent people would adopt.

And, we were prepared. We had our vehicle BOB, an insulated lunch bag, a thermos of coffee, a small toolbox, had checked our flashlights, and both of us had spare boots, jackets and gloves stashed behind the seat. Our truck has a topper on it and the entire truck was brushed clear of snow. There were two shovels, a bucket of sand and a tow rope among other supplies - all under cover and easily accessible.

But there's always a few people who operate in la-la land and put all of us in danger.

Within the first five miles we encountered a car that had not cleaned off it's side or rear windows - and was passing on a hill with oncoming traffic! A collision was avoided by all four cars in the vicinity but three wound up in the snowbanks. We were the lucky ones who pulled to the roadside and offered assistance.

One woman with a infant in a car seat had no gloves or boots on. She also had no blanket to cover the child with when she stepped out of the car into the wind. I soon discovered she had no spare diapers or extra formula with her!!! The infant held a bottle with about two inches of milk in it. The woman was, "just running over" to her mom's where she said infant supplies were plentiful.

Another driver had appropriate winter attire but smelled of alcohol - at 8:14 a.m.!!! He was NOT the driver who had neglected to clear the snow from his car windows!

The idiot who caused the mess was "in a hurry" and couldn't find his snow scraper.

I won't entertain you further with Sweetie's choice words.

After checking on everyone's well being and doing what we could, we left and headed west onto a well travelled side road (not a state highway). Within 10 miles, we drove by six more vehicles in the ditch or snowbank but none had occupants. When we arrived at the doctor's his receptionist said they had called us to say it was okay to cancel; most of their morning appointments had - and none were driving the distance we came.

After Sweetie's appointment we went to Meijer's to stock up from our detailed list. We bought most of what we wanted/needed and were on our way to the checkout when someone tried to pickpocket my purse when was slung over my arm. The poor guy has a couple sore fingers and was still sitting in a Meijer office when we left.

After the buffet Sweetie dropped me at the new Salvation Army store and he went next door for the dog food and treats. Lady is one spoiled dog! I scored a few unique items in Salvation Army which I hope to resell on Ebay.

Next, we went to the Grand Traverse Mall where Sweetie had an appointment at Lenscrafters. He got his first new glasses since 1981!!! Now that he can see clearly maybe I better start wearing makeup!!! Just kidding. If he doesn't like what he see, oh well.

While he was in Lenscrafters I toured the mall. Sticker shock is still registering this evening. Give me a break! Gloves on sale for $62!!!!

Once I had enough of loud music, idiotic sizing and watching the sheeple sort through various piles of SAMENESS in every store, I sat on a bench. All the stores had sales and there were shoppers, but I heard plenty of comments along these lines: "well, I've got to give them a Christmas; it might be our last one," or, "I'll just cut back on something else in order to get this," and "I hope they realize I tried."

I really couldn't grasp why most of the merchandise was worth consideration. And, the more I watched and listened the more I thought about how we "consumers" have been indoctrinated by retailers, media and finance companies, It will take one HUGE downturn to undo the damage.

And, lastly, we stopped at the gas station on the way home. Paid $1.62 a gallon. Thank you very much. But there was an angry customer at the counter. Pray tell, what could the matter be?

It seems the State of Michigan, in its infinite wisdom, had "upgraded" the lottery machines. And, people are still buying tickets when the new machines are working. Some well paid upper management dummy decided to use satellite dishes to run the machines and the snow collecting on the dishes has shut them down. So Mr. Lottery guy is bitching: "I've been to six stores trying to buy my tickets. This sucks!"

"Damn govenor is going to use her executive order to make budget cuts but, she'll spend money on an upgrade that doesn't work," said Mr. Lottery guy.

Sound typical to me!

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