Sunday, February 20, 2011

We Had a Blast!

Three children and four adults met at the library Saturday to create collages from recyclables.

We ran out of time. We had way more donations than we needed. We had a blast talking and laughing and creating and inspiring.

And, we decided to continue this adventure. Actually, they decided. I was already determined to.

For the next five Saturdays we'll meet from noon to 3 p.m. (instead of 1 hour) at the library for "Drop In For Art." Still working with donated materials, we'll focus on the following themes: Crowns/Hats/Halos, Bag or Box It, Embellish It, Paper Mache and Anything Goes. I'll have an example at each class for inspiration but after that the sky's the limit.

An email is circulating now asking for more donations - including asking people to NOT donate to Goodwill but save it for a yard sale this summer to raise money for the group.

Sweetie says he'll clear a spot in the pole barn to accept donations. Our library has a huge green space where we can hold the sale and they'll publicize the yard sale and art classes too.

March 9th we have a 3-hour brain storming session at the library moderated by a friend who is CEO of a local non-profit.

Onward and upward. Thanks everyone for being such great listeners.


Anonymous said...

Maybe , you could send home a small flyer with the kids at school. Or have a mention of it in the school newsletter/church bulletins or on their website, if they have one.
I don't remember what age of children you are aiming at with the library art projects or if you said.
Maybe you could go to the schools and do a demo of some art project items to get them interested in coming to the library one. Or talk to their art teacher about telling them about it.
The local cable channel may have a day to day listing of 'happenings' you may be able to get it on there.
The local newspaper may want to do a story on what you are trying to do.
Hand out flyers at the farmer's market this summer if there is one...or any gathering such as that. They don't have to be big glossy ones ...just something to get folks thinking it sounded interesting.
An art show/sale with live music, which is also art, in conjuction with the farmer's market.
Talk to the mayor's of the towns.
Our local law enforcement has a program called 'camp with a cop' that they do....these are older kids...but they might be interested in doing something to interest the kids in maybe helping the smaller kids and sort of being mentors to them.
I don't know if you have Big Brothers/ Big Sisters anywhere close...but that might be a good activity for the Bigs/Littles to do together.
Hey, hope some of this helps. I love that you are spearheading this and getting it going....I hope you have some enthusiastic help come to the meeting. B.

Sixbears said...

Good thing you didn't listen to the nay sayers. Congratulations!

Kyddryn said...

Bless you, sugar...I wish I lived close by and could come and play with y'all...

Art is so nourishing to heart and soul...

Shade and Sweetwater,

Mayberry said...

Cool! Glad you're having some fun, and sharing your talents too.

Bellen said...

Yea!! I am so happy that the art project turned out so well.