Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Drifted In

Barely slept last night. The exterior water heater door doesn't close well so it had been screwed shut. Ha, ha, mere mortal's attempt to fix the problem lasted until 8 p.m. The screwed were rattled loose and I listened to the music most of the night.

The 65' length of our mobile home runs east/west. The southern storm hit us from North and South. We have a 4-5' drift along our entire north side, covering most of our driveway. The drive entrance is a huge bank; the road is completely plugged and some joker tried to bust through it at 4:30 a.m. He/she is buried about 300' north of us.

I wish I had pictures but still have camera issues. has pictures but I haven't checked for rural area pictures. The channel came on air around 4:30 a.m. and is still reporting long after their normal time slot.

We never lost power though people 1 mile south of us did. There are over 1000 area closings and that includes my local Friends of the Library meeting today. Our writing group meets tomorrow but I'm not going & expect it will be cancelled too.


Sixbears said...

Stay safe. It's just starting to really pile up here in NH. Have to go out later this afternoon. Expect it to be slow going, even in my big F250 4x4 with new tires. Hoping things get canceled, but have made commitments.

Mayberry said...

It will get interesting around here tomorrow when the wet stuff comes down. The idiots here can't drive when it's wet, so ice will have them playing bumper cars. Y'all stay warm up there!

Anonymous said...

Here in central Indiana we had 6" of sleet mixed with freezing rain. I thought I'd try to drive down my lane to break it up for my snowblower - HA! Couldn't go 2 feet. It was like trying to drive in sand. You just walk on top of it. My brother had 1/2" of ice yesterday and more overnight. Thank God they cancelled everything around here cause no one is moving.

Take care and stay warm. Supposed to be -8 here tonight and probably colder up there.