Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Assessor Pays Us a Visit

Sweetie asked for a re-assessment of this place a couple weeks ago. The man showed up today. The former owner had paid no attention to rising assessments which was at $61,000. We paid a bit more than half that for the place.

We'll have the new figure in a week. Mentioned this at writing group today. NO ONE knew you could even request such a thing!!!

"Uninformed is dangerous," I said.

"I think that's kind of strong language," said a new participant.

"Not if you care how your money's spent." I said.

End of conversation.

And then, more news arrived. Our land contract holder is probably going to walk.
Right now I feel numb.

Life will get harder if this news comes to pass. Instead of $1107 a month we'll have $557. Back to living entirely on preps.

Spent three hours with a mentor discussing the art project. she's coordinating a brainstorming session and will act as moderator. Believe it or not, right now it's a bright spot for me.

Meanwhile, I hope more people wake up to what's ahead. Despite all this news I still feel fortunate.

Take care, Treesong


Bellen said...

Why do so many people feel threatened by knowledge, information and new ideas? Hang in there - you're doing something very positive.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could rent the land and home out to people that want to vacation near water for the summer.

Mayberry said...

I hope your contract pulls through, that's a pretty paltry sum to try to get by on. And like Anon said, maybe you could rent the place out. It's a pain, but better than the pain of lost income...