Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snowplow Arrives

The county snowplow came through our mile long road at 2:15 p.m. and made a second pass 7 minutes later. Our drive is still plugged as is one door on the pole barn. I shoveled for an hour to clear a 5' drift from the ceiling high sliding door so Sweetie could put the tractor tire chains on.

Maybe he will plow the drive yet today. I'm thinking that's a big maybe by the way he's breathing.

The truck is parked at the end of the trailer and I could shovel out to the road from there but I'll wait to see how things develop. On the other hand, if we have need for an ambulance here they couldn't get in. Sweetie, with his invincible mindset, tells me not to worry.


The winds have increased so the cold is now bone chilling. No snowshoeing today.


Anonymous said...

Hope you guys stay warm in this crazy weather. I follow your blog with interest every day and know that health problems complicate even a "normal" easy life. I feel for you guys knowing your situation and pray for you. I also hope Lady is doing ok in the cold weather. I am probably going to have to put our old "Lucky" down before very long.

HermitJim said...

Just don't try and do too much at once! Last thing you need is to get in a bad spot health wise, ya know?

Some nasty weather everywhere...and best viewed from inside when possible!

Stay warm, my friend!