Sunday, February 27, 2011


Thanks to those of you who've commented on my efforts to bring the arts to our twin communities here in Lower Michigan.

To those of you who've asked: I have not taken up the church on their offer of space because the church actually meets in their annex for three services on Sunday, two church groups occupy it another two days and then all funerals, luncheons and some weddings are held there as well.

The actual sanctuary was built in the mid 1800's and has no plumbling.

I hesitate to plan activities at the annex and then have to cancel due to unforeseen events such as funerals. In the past two weeks there have been three in the annex followed by luncheons.

On March 9th we're holding a brainstorming session at the library and this week more flyers/posters will be distributed. I've asked the newspaper to do a story on our efforts so we'll see what develops.

Thanks, Treesong


Anonymous said...

In an earlier post you mentioned VFW ,Lion's Club do either of these organizations have a hall or place they meet that you could use?
Maybe a bank or restaurant has a meeting room or one of the cities has a community room. A nursing home craft room , get the folks there involved too. A vacant building someone might donate for you to use. Maybe they could use it as a tax write off somehow.Beth

Kyddryn said...

For what it's worth, the banks around here often have Community Rooms they'll let groups use. Also, if a local restaurant has a side dining room/banquet room, they may be willing to let you use it.

Good luck!!

Shade and Sweetwater,

AginKajun said...

Go girl, go girl, go girl......

AginKajun said...

Go girl, go girl, go girl.....Got to love your spunk.

WomanWhoRunsWithHorses said...

Public schools, especially at the elementary level, are usually very open to allowing after hours meetings in their facilities. I was a scout leader in CO and TX and was able to use a room at the elementary school at both locations. I have also attended start up churches that met in a local public school. Check with the principal at the local elementary. It's worth a shot.