Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It Pays to Do Your Homework!!!

After listening to certain neighbors tell us we have no right to use the "shared access" waterfront here - and saying we don't own the four lots we do own within the private plat - I decided to do a little homework.

Imagine my surprise when I paid for copies of six deeds and not a one has deeded "shared access"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We all own property in the "unrecorded plat" which states that all lot owners have "shared waterfront access."

ONLY six lots within the plat have DEEDED access. After that point, the original owner who developed this plat decided not to include "deeded shared access."

And wouldn't you know that the people who are NOT a problem in this neighborhood - except for one - have the deeded access????

So, as usual, we have ACCURATE information to respond with the next time one of the morons opens their mouth.

If the jerks hadn't attempted to intimidate my youngest grand kids (ages 5 and 10) while we were at the beach Sunday I probably wouldn't have gone to the courthouse.

That trip also yielded interesting info regarding this plat so I'll eventually copy every deed in the plat.


mizdeb said...

Do not mess with a smart grandma! I've got 3 gkids and it would be ugly if anyone gave them problems! That just makes me sick. Well you've got them good now!

HermitJim said...

Maybe that will shut them up the next time! And you know there will be a next time, right?

2 Tramps said...

You are going to make them nuts - more nuts than they already seem to be! Bravo!

Anonymous said...


Mayberry said...

I hate snooty..... people like that.