Saturday, August 28, 2010

And the Saga Continues

Potential buyer of the 3.1 acres arrived Thursday. We spent a few hours talking around the kitchen table and then he walked over the land again. He stopped to introduced himself to Jack A--'s wife who told him they're "real sticklers about property lines" and don't feel our fence is in the right area. When the potential buyer stopped by later to tell us of his visit he also asked if we were aware of how much stuff the jerk had moved back onto our land. Yesterday he fired up the Case with the brush hog attached and headed through the woods. Aside fromt the noise, when he stopped within inches of their encroaching outbuilding, he had their attention. The wife came running outside with her video camera and her hubby dashed out the door buckling his belt and asked "what's up?"

As usual Sweetie extended his handshake, smiled and said, "Just here to let you know this is my land and you need to move your stuff - just like I told you before."

Jack A-- once again claimed he "didn't think it's your land." And once again, like a broken record, Sweetie repeated our standard response: "I have a survey, a deed, title insurance, a mortgage, property insurance and an investment in fence and posts. I don't mess with land that's not mine!"

About this time I walked up and the wife repositioned herself so she could record all of us. I waved and smiled at the camera and then turned my back. She repositioned herself again. I smiled and waved again and turned sideways. Sweetie smiled and later, at home, told me he had waved and smiled at the camera too. "Gosh, we're so much alike!" I said.

But back to the conversation. We talked about him not liking the fence; us not liking the mess on our land; his son and grandson telling us we have no business on the access roads or the beach; and the fact that we're not backing down. At one point Sweetie mentioned the potential buyer's plans which include posting the property and dealing with his encroachment. That brought a shadow to Jack A--'s face but he bit his lip and didn't say anything.

The potential buyer he told us he has deep pockets; has hired a real estate attorney and won't be messing around with B.S. from the Jack A--.

The conversation ended by Jack A-- saying, "Well, do what you want. It's your land but I don't like it."

Translation: I'm ending the conversation but I'll continue to be a nuisance.

Tonight we've invited the potential buyer to dinner. And while sitting here in the early morning quiet another thought occurred to me. I think another visit to the courthouse is in order before we proceed further. Just to be sure of something...


2 Tramps said...

The on going drama has to get a bit weary for you all. Don't you wish that fella would sell his place to the deep pocketed buyer? Can you even begin to imagine living in your home with peace? You are definitely keeping the disagreeable neighbor on notice! He is probably stewing some right now about what might happen next...

treesong said...

Hello 2 Tramps,

Yes, it does get weary to have this neighbor. But, our hope is that the new owner will keep communicating the same message to the Jack A--.

We sometimes vaccilate between saying the heck with everything and being more determined than ever. When the dust settles we always wind up wanting to remain here - though maybe have a winter retreat in Florida - and being thankful we're here.

Today I went down the road to a yard sale. Spent quite a bit of time talking to this neighbor who knows of the problems. We had so many laughs that it sent me home with a smile. And I was sure to tell her she helped brighten my day!

Onward and upward! Treesong

Anonymous said...

After all of the problems, it is good to see God blessing you with a solution to remove you both from having to deal with this noxious neighbor.

If the buyer comes through, sounds like they are well enough equipped to clean the troublemaker’s clock once and for all.

You’ll be free of the worry and can enjoy your place.

Praying for continued blessing and the peace of the Lord for you.

HermitJim said...

Hope it all gets worked out soon. A little peace of mind would be nice, for sure!

Anonymous said...

I guess it is selfish of me , but I hate waiting so long between posts :) I keep wondering if you guys are okay. B.