Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Further Entertainment

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Last night we drove down the road the jackass behind us claims as his driveway. Sweetie told someone standing nearby that he was glad to hear the guy was staying the winter. "Will be one more person around to keep ALL of this private road open to ALL of the adjacent landowners," says Sweetie! They guy coughed up his coffee and we waved goodbye. The jack ass neighbor didn't hear a word because he had a bandana over his mouth and a paint sprayer going full blast on the plow truck he just bought.

We promised to stop by and introduce ourselves to the millionaire lady who owns the beachfront here so that was our next stop. Our timing couldn't have been better! Her so-called caretaker (who tried to run us off our land & told her we were posting HER land; and swerved toward Dad and I while walking on the road) was just leaving. Poor guy looked like he pooped his pants as we met in her doorway. We smiled, said hello and he scurried away. Across the street two of the loudest troublemakers were coming out the door and they too looked like they needed to change their pants. I looked at Sweetie and said, "I'll bet the neighborhood will be a buzzing tonight!"

The millionaire lady was friendly, gracious and invited us to come by again. None of us mentioned the local jerks. We heard from another source that they've all whined to her about us so we figured enough had been said to demonstrate their character.

I was reminded yesterday of two things: attitude is altitude and "love thine enemies." Well, I can say it helps alleviate stress if we smile and wave to certain people. As for loving them, No. But sometimes acting as though we do produces the same results. Twice today we've both bit our lips. When they can't get a response they push harder. Again, we bite our lips.

Like Sweetie said, "Until they either damage our property, assault us or try to stop us from completing the fence (attaching to both ends of the encroached building) we won't respond." According to him, when we're out there finishing the fence & installing the gate if any thing's said we'll respond with the same thing our lawyer said, "shut up or hire a lawyer."


Sixbears said...

Looks like you are providing your neighbors with much needed education. They've learned they aren't messing with pushovers.

My dad always said it's possible to disagree without becoming disagreeable.

2 Tramps said...

It just never seems to end for you there! So good that you have Sweetie and you are both of the same mind on the issues.