Saturday, August 7, 2010


The jack ass who removed his crap from behind his 34 foot long outbuilding has now moved some of it back!! He's also stacked next to the woodpile he's been splitting - thus blocking the access road between his lot and our property. We hold a recorded easement to the back section of our land via this road and he knows it. But, as usual, if us "big shot city slickers" are gonna tell him he has to change his ways he's gonna reach into his bag of tricks and try another one. Typical behavior.

Tonight, while parked on the beach much to the chagrin of his son and their drunken friends, we learned that jackass has decided to stay here the winter. He's worried about what us city slickers will do next. I take that to mean we got him scared.

And so, next week we visit the lawyer to discuss our next move.

In the meantime, we've taken to smiling and waving every time we encounter him or his other moron family members. Disturbs the hell out of them.

Naturally, his son complained to one neighbor about this. Wise neighbor asked the son, "what's your problem?"

Not hard to figure out the answer to that. Like I told Sweetie, if we laugh more about their insanity maybe we'll feel less stress and they'll look more like the fools they are as they struggle to comprehend what the hell's going on.

If nothing else, they're cheap entertainment!

Maybe I'll snap some pictures tomorrow for your viewing pleasure!


Anonymous said...

Smiling and waving...woohoo...gotta make them wonder what the heck is going on. Confuses their dumb arses . :) B.

Mayberry said...

I know I would feel less stress if I borrowed/rented a bulldozer and shoved his crap back over the property line! "Good fences make good neighbors"...

Stephanie said...

Oh I don't envy you with neighbors like that. Will continue to keep you in prayers

Anonymous said...

Just read the past several months worth of your blogs. Have had our own family trials to focus on.

Sorry to hear you're still battling with the neighbors...although it sounds like you've found a few more who are like-minded and will help your cause!

Stay strong - will keep all of you in prayers. With I would have known you were coming to Lapeer - we're not far away and I would have loved to meet you and your father. I would have enjoyed showing both of you some love!

MaMaBear in the Mitten

HermitJim said...

I know that the waving and grinning has them worried! Probably scared a bit as well!

Keep up the good work, my friend!