Thursday, July 29, 2010

Play Time

Today we took off in our motor home for a seven hour hiatus from all the work and stress and problems at home.

Did us good.

Second picture is at the Tobacco River where Sweetie tried his luck in the river and Lake Superior. Didn't catch a thing but enjoyed the down time. Our dog Lady basked in the riverbank and followed her master everywhere.

I packed a simple lunch of tuna sandwiches and coleslaw and we breathed in fresh air, got a little sun and talked about some things best discussed away from Dad.

After a couple hours at the Tobacco we drove to Thayer's Lake and took a two track trail to the only shoreline access on the lake. Had the whole place to ourselves. What a treat. Sweetie caught two small perch and snagged a few weeds. One snag was stubborn and he had to wade into the lake to get his line free. AFTER emerging from the lake we realized it would have be wiser to remove his sweatpants as he stepped down into a sink hole. Soooooo...he spent the afternoon in his undershorts while the sweats dried in on a limb. Can you believe Mrs. Preparedness had not brought him a change of clothes? Since doing laundry from our last day trip I had NOT restocked his clothes!!! Oh well.

Enjoy the pictures and have a great day. Treesong


SciFiChick said...

Lovely spot! I'm so glad you two got away for some "alone" time. We all need it now and again.

WomanWhoRunsWithHorses said...

Sounds wonderful! Mrs Preparedness cannot be expected to think of EVERYTHING. You were in charge of lunch, I'm pretty sure that means Sweetie was in charge of spare garments! Ha!

Glad you had a good time. In our exuberance to be prepared for whatever comes tomorrow, we must not forget to savor the moments from today.

: )

Mayberry said...

Glad y'all had some fun. That's something that's severely lacking in my life. Need to fix that...

Stephanie said...

Fishing is always one of the best ways to relax! My kids and I love it, even if we catch nothing:)

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun to me...and scenery to beat the band. B.

vlad said...

How many weeks until ice
and snow cover your roads?
Got v-bar tire chains??