Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Aside from the jack ass neighbor, here's a sampling of what we've faced in the past two weeks:

Broken starter on the Case tractor; flat/slashed tires on the golf cart (prolly some one's reminder that "this is not a country club); leaking sprayer at the kitchen sink replaced with a spare that also leaked; new brakes on the truck and rear of the motor home; 48 degrees here this morn so turned the furnace on - no heat, blows cold air; the well pump sounds like a garbage disposal - Sweetie thinks a bearing is going.

And finally, the land contract buyers on the place downstate are delinquent in the property taxes. The finance company sent us a notice to pay up in 30 days or the total loan amount is due ($18,000).

Remarkably, we have not bitched, whined, cried or shot anyone - yet. In fact, yesterday when we waved at the neighbors they turned around and walked the other way.

Went to a metaphysical fair only to say goodbye to a friend who was selling salt lamps there. A woman approached me and said she had a message for me: "You're climbing the valley and the sun is coming over the horizon."

And so life goes. Treesong


Stephanie said...

I hope that woman is right about the message! You all need some good things to turn your way for sure. Praying for you all;)

Mayberry said...

Tree, I think that woman was on to something. Interesting times lay ahead. A new day will dawn. Hang in there!