Saturday, September 11, 2010

It's Been Awhile

It's been awhile since I've posted because...

I've been way layed by another MS episode. It's passed for now but not before I've accumulated more broken dishes, a gashed elbow and some bruised arms and legs.

When I've had energy I've helped Sweetie get a few projects completed. We're about seven weeks away from our first snowfall. It seldom stays longer than a few days until the season really gets going in mid November. In the meantime we've had low temps, high winds and lots of rain. The gravel road we live on is in sore need of a grader and a week of sunshine.

We've had some luck selling a few things along the roadside in our front yard. Sure has helped the bottom line as we've had plenty of expenses. Before one can sell land it has to be resurveyed ($250), an attorney hired ($300), and two new deeds prepared. Add insurance and plates due on two vehicles because of Sweetie's birthday and the piggy bank is looking sickly.

Dad's taking us out to dinner Tuesday and on the way home we're picking up another load of firewood. Despite any claims of the Farmer's Almanac, people here are prepping for a hard winter. We still need to get the pole barn roof extended over the firewood stacked along its west wall. Though we have most of the materials for this project we need some lumber and clear skies. Three times today we started outside to work and all three times we never got beyond the front steps.

I did a large grocery/prep restocking yesterday. As usual prices had increased: 80 cents more for butter, 98 cents more for a dozen eggs, 18 cent increase for ground check (didn't buy any). Chicken or pork in a zillion different varieties will be on the menu for the next few months. $3.89 for round steak or $4.49 for beef roast just ain't happening in this house.

May have some great pictures to post next week - if the weather clears. Have a great week everyone. Treesong


HermitJim said...

Glad to hear from you again...and sorry to hear about the setbacks! Seems to happen that way sometimes!

I do hope you are able to get the main things done, in spite of the problems health-wise!

Sending good thoughts your way, my friend!

treesong said...

Thanks for stopping by Hermit. I've still got the same determination; just need the energy! Hope life is good in your neck of the woods.

Stephanie said...

So glad to hear from you. I am praying for you all:)

AginKajun said...

Sorry to hear about your MS acting up. I have minor back problems that slow me down on ocassion but I can't imagine how hard it is to keep prepping having something that major to condend with. My hat's off to you.

I hate it every time I have to give the government more money to exercise the priveledge to drive on the highway. Just chaps me.

AginKajun said...

Sorry to hear about your MS acting up. With the minor back problems I have slowing me down occasionally I just can't imaging how hard it must be to keep prepping with a major issue to deal with.
On another note don't you just hate having to put out more good money just to be able to drive on the highway. Another tax to pay.