Sunday, March 22, 2009

Young Preppers/Homesteaders

We spent a few hours yesterday visiting with the young couple who want to buy this place. Can't say if we'll accept their offer, but I can tell you this: they exemplified what ALL adults should be doing in this country - taking care of themselves!

By the end of the day, I asked: "Is there any skill you two have not tried your hands at?"

They both laughed and said: "...blacksmithing, but it's on the list."

While touring our home, they both sighed with relief when I showed them the pantry. "OH, God, I was praying on the way up here that you had a pantry. I don't think we could live without one," said the young woman. And, they shop once a month!!! People after my own heart!

And - they garden, can, vacuum seal, dehydrate, salt cure, butcher, hunt, fish, and raise meat and eggs. They also home school their childre. She's a midwife; he's an excellent hog farmer who's always being sought out by other farmers. She makes nearly all their clothing - including diapers and hunting jackets, rain slickers and snow pants!!!

As they were leaving, she gifted us with a homemade loaf of 7-grain bread!!

I'm worn out just thinking about this productive couple!

Out of curiosity, I asked how they met as they are now devout Christians who "home church." She was a drug crazed waitress in a bar, he was the drunk at the bar. They rest is history, as they say.

It was reassuring to know that some young people care about survival/homesteading and seek knowledge from their elders. What a sight to behold!


An Unsheltered Life said...

Yeah...some of us young'uns are concerned about more than the next cup of Starschmucks. Always good to hear about another younger homesteader or two doing what they can to take care of themselves. :)

SciFiChick said...

Wouldn't it be cool if these were "the ones"!! No matter though, it sounds like you crossed paths with some great "kids" It has to warm your heat.
Treesong I spent almost two hours reading your past posts tonite. I truly enjoyed it. Hope ya don't mind but I blogged about ya. (just a little) I got all the way back to the 100th post....guess I have 100 more to go. Trust me I will!

Vikki said...

How wonderful to come across two people like that. Hubby and I are old, but never too old to learn! Vikki