Saturday, March 7, 2009

Since Tuesday

It's a cool, gray day and my disposition is about the same.

I'm tired of being tired and unable to walk without loosing my balance. Guess this is just one of those times when it all gets to me.

In an effort to distract myself and do something productive, I've been taking inventory of the closets and cupboards. It's been a slow, tedious process but it passes the time and, in a strange sort of way, leads me to thinking about other things.

Mainly, planting this year's garden and whether or not I'll be in great enough shape to do it. I have visions of rows of veggies and my garlic patch and picking the first tomato and Royal Burgundy beans - which turn green when cooked.

The roads are solid ice here so we haven't ventured out since fixing the truck. Colder weather and snow are forecast tomorrow. Yuk, Yuk, yuk!!!

Kitty Kitty is perched on the back of the sofa watching the chipmunks and squirrels scamper across the snow in search of more food. We scattered bread heels, dried out donuts, and stale popcorn in the woods and the wildlife show has been non-stop. Crows, deer, our long-tailed friends, and a stray dog have all partaken of the feast. I keep hoping a mouse will join the group so Kitty Kitty can get a good look at what she's supposed to be catching inside! Thus far no luck. The mouse trap was sprung again last night - while Kitty Kitty laid in the bathroom doorway! I have stopped feeling her canned cat food and refuse to give her any meat scraps from our plates and still she plays with the mouse. Perhaps she thinks it is like her orange mouse toy, only more active!

I am totally disgusted with 99.99% of the news and so I've stopped watching it. The fact that Madoff is permitted to live in splendor while negotiating a plea agreement just frys me no end. And those morons at GM "need" more bailout money or they'll be in bankruptcy!!! They should have filed a long time ago. You and I sure would have had to do so if we were business owners in trouble!! And then certain bankers don't want to divulge who/what got bonuses prior to being acquired by another institution because it may cause bad feelings internally and they're worried about competitors stealing away their top executives? Good Lord. Crooks and swindlers and ponzi schemers worried about other crooks and swindlers! And our government (oops, the Other Crooks and Swindlers) go through the motions of "getting answers" while lining their pockets with contributions from the people they're investigating.

Have you ever considered for ONE MOMENT what fear and panic would ensue if we stopped buying, banking, driving and otherwise consuming for even ONE WEEK? If NO ONE showed up for work, or bought food or gas or trinkets or supplies or deposited to their accounts? And wouldn't it be a sight to behold if we all showed up at the banks over a one week period and withdrew any money we had. Of course, about 24 hours into this ploy - or sooner - the Fed, the government, and likely the National Guard, would put a stop to that!

I'm absolutely sick of all of it. If we are ever able to move, there isn't a place remote enough - or cheap enough - to satisfy me right now.

I read a comment in Jim Rawles' blog about road signs being removed in rural areas to confuse or distract wandering people. It occurred to me that a 911 emergency crew could get lost while trying to locate a place, but in most rural areas your crews know (or should know) the lay of the land regardless of signs.

Well, enough ranting. Kitty Kitty is meowing to go outside and I need to check the lasagna sauce on the wood stove. Later, Treesong


HermitJim said...

I hope to see ya up and about long before garden time gets there, my friend.

If i could, I'd send some of this Texas weather to ya...80's yesterday with lots of sunshine. Looks like the same today!

You take care, and don't get too impatient...things will improver!

SciFiChick said...

First off I want to tell you that I love your blog. I'm always happy to see a new post from you.

I, like Jim, wish I could send you some of the weather we have been getting. We tilled up the new garden spot yesterday so I'm really excited. I get my flowerbeds back this year (maybe)

Maybe Kitty Kitty needs a few lessons from my Miss Kitty. Heck of a critter catcher she is!
Hang in there and I hope ya get to feeling better soon.

treesong said...

Hello Hermit and SciFiChick!

Thanks both of you for your encouragement.

I would dearly love to be basking in warmer weather. It snowed 8 inches here last night - after the rain and sleet!!!

Still no progress in the mouse department. Our critters are just plain spoiled.

Thanks again, Treesong

katie said...

I'm with you and can't wait until gardening season is upon us! Just do what you are physically able this year to garden, the rest will fall into place.

I am enjoying reading your blog!