Thursday, March 12, 2009

9.4 Trillion - And the Economy Needs More?

If ever there was a case of insanity, it is our government's "solution" to the economic mess this country is now experiencing.

9.4 trillion thus far and still there is no fix. And because we have a blessed "global economy" and ever increasing moves toward a "One World Order," our President is now calling on other economies/governments to contribute to a world wide stimulus (my rough approximation of the BS being spouted now).

And yet, they don't see what more and more of us see. The days of "consuming" and fractional reserve banking and investment Ponzi schemes are over. Wealth "creation" on paper with a few moves in the digital world are the problem - not the solution - you nitwits!!!

It's like fixing a leak in the dam with Super Glue. They think Super Glue is such a wonderful product that promises unbelievable results so they keep applying it!!! Just add more Super Glue to the leaks and eventually enough will be applied that it works!!!

At what point to "they" stop trying?

I don't know about you, but I've learned there's a point at which you stop trying. And if I can learn that - being a 55 year-old, disabled, homemaker who lives every month on what some Wall Streeters spend on dinner at New Yorks' best - why the Hell can't they?

To switch analogies, I once mended my favorite cotton patchwork top eleven times before giving up.

You see, I loved that top. It was a funky, hippy looking patchwork top in shades of navy, purple, rust and gold. I bought it at a resale shop with a matching pair of shorts and slacks. I never liked the shorts and slacks but kept them for the fabric. And wow, did that fabric come in handy. Nearly every time I wore the top a part of it would tear. It just seemed to fall apart. But, by golly, I kept repairing it! One day I realized the fabric was rotting and no matter how many times I repaired the top it would always be falling apart.

Kind of like our "economy" - and our "government" - both rotting and falling apart.

Some people have proposed a Jubilee - where all our debts are forgiven. Sure, I'd agree to that. But, a part of me would like to have hard, cold cash in my hand. Just to experience it, and use it!

Others have said give every American a stimulus check of at least - let's say $250,000 - and watch the "economy" rebound.

But, alas, there are at least two problems with that idea. First, government would never consider such an act. It's too simplistic. It also leaves "Government" with little to do after the money is distributed. And Lord knows, the government staying out the equation is not something they could fathom.

Just imagine the fear in their hearts if every American was suddenly wealthier. Somewhere along the way, a lot of us might realize we really don't "need" government - at least as it currently exists - and decide to get rid of it.

Imagine if we were able to make decisions about what we bought and sold because we had the money to do so? Imagine not needing bankers and credit card companies - at least not in the way most of us need them now!!!

Imagine if we were able to decide what program(s) we no longer participated in or contributed to. My Heavens, the country at first would be estatic. Visions of SUVs and vacations, paying off bills and being mortgage free, having enough food and clothing and heat, and being able to buy a home and pay property taxes - and a zillion other things would dance in our collective heads.

But then, reality would set in and government would be very uneasy and put a stop to it - as they do to most good ideas - because, you see, "government" couldn't cope with our new found wealth and freedom. Admittedly, there would be people who couldn't handle a windfall - just like lottery winners who squander millions and then are destitute.

But the governement's real fear would be that we might realize we no longer "need" them. Think about it. Government - federal, state, county, township, city - is the single largest employer in this country! Without government to tell us how to do "it" we'd be free of their encumberances - and likely to screw up who knows what - and they'd be out of a JOB!! Heaven forbid the paper pushers, rule makers and enforcers lost their power!!!

And so, some of us continue to bitch, some are totally oblivious, and others continue to hope for a miracle. And "government" and the elite continue to conspire about how to soothe our fears, and our joblessness, and our underwater mortgages, and our homelessness, and our lack of spending - while the GDP tanks, Wall Street plunges and the Powers That Be struggle to maintain control over the masses while keeping their status quo.

When will it end?

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