Thursday, March 26, 2009

We've Made An Offer

We emailed our realtor today to firm up plans to take another look at the place we're interested in up north. He emailed back and said he had answers to some of our previous questions but that another person looked at the place twice this week. He advised making an offer contingent on the sale of this place and asking for 14 days to have an inspection done. If accepted, this will buy us some time and tie it up from another offer. Otherwise, our offer can be rejected outright, counter offered or accepted. So, once again we wait.

In the area we're looking, it's the only place with acreage (5 acres total) outside of a tiny, tiny "location" that has no stores but within 14 miles of my "home" area. It has everything we'd like - fenced garden, sauna, workshop, two car garage and under $40,000!!!

If you're into prayer, please add one for us. Of course, we want what's best for us and maybe this is what God has in mind. Thanks, Treesong


SciFiChick said...

Good Lord willing and the creeks don't rise....all will be well...If it's ment to be it will be. My prayers are with you both.

d.a. said...

Best possible outcome for your home search efforts!

HermitJim said...

Best possible toughts and wishes sent your way! Hope it will be fruitful!