Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Western Edge of Beryl

After three days of nearly non stop rain, thunder, lightening and two water spouts we've survived with little damage & an additional load of laundry today.

According to a neighbor's rain gauge, 6.2 inches of rain fell from Sunday evening through this morning. The intersection next to our home, our yard and a portion of our private road flooded.

The onslaught of sideways water and wind may have talked George into installing windows/screens on the porch at some point. The rain never stopped long enough to dry anything out and no matter what was covered & secured, the wind managed to make way for the spray.

We're fortunate to have an indoor drying rack, a rod across the tub enclosure and a 4-foot rod near the bathroom. After each deluge, I toweled water off items, wrung the towels & hung them up. An old shower curtain covers our wicker sofa but one edge repeatedly got wet. Within 2 hours it was dry this afternoon. The carpet on the porch floor was rolled back in places but required laying plastic on the decking in order to keep the area bug free.

If we'd had a straight downpour my work would have been less, but at least we were here to take care of matters.

The only real negative was a small roof leak where the new porch roof joins the mobile home. It dripped at the door frame most of the time & Kitty Kitty decided it was her new water dish - until it slid down the threshold & spilled.

A mysterious wet spot in our bedroom revealed another leak. Here's hoping George either allows me to climb the ladder to the roof with enough roof coat for a temporary fix. If not, we need cool weather & him feeling well enough to coat the entire roof or him willing to hire someone to do it - usually something he refuses.

He goes to his new doctor tomorrow. After insisting the humidity in Florida "never got to him" he's admitted it adversely affects him. I suspect this summer is going to be much more sedate than he anticipated. He's been off oxygen since before moving here which doesn't help but he's too stubborn to pay the $45 copay every month.

Tomorrow's been three weeks since I was prescribed Aricept. I think it's helping at least as far as maintaining my daily activities. I only drive in the Inglis/Yankeetown area when feeling well & take all meds/supplements on schedule. I've changed my diet to more vegetarian, cut out any sodas or junk food and do a few Yoga moves every day.

Life is still wonderful and we're content. That's something to celebrate!


Sixbears said...

That rain was needed, but too bad it all came down at once. There's a little trial and error with any new setup.

Glad the meds and new diet are helping.

Mike Yukon said...

Just a Florida shower! Glad to see you didn't flood.