Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Porch SittingO

Our screened porch has become our favorite "room" in our home. Kitty Kitty has a perch for surveying the yard; I have an antique wicker sofa with great PINK flowered cushions (hate pink) that I covered with random pillow shams and a quilt and George has his chair and a table in the opposite corner. I didn't take a picture of that area because it serves as his work bench/smoking station/bug spray "cabinet" in the "short term" he claims. The area rugs were in the house so we're using them until we buy indoor/outdoor carpet. The floor is decking with gaps, not plywood so a carpet will breath but keep bugs at a minimum. The porch is ONE foot longer than the original we replaced due to termite damage. Naturally, we'd like to have extended it another 4-8 feet along the mobile home but it serves it's purpose and didn't require a building permit. Another advantage is, it adds 96 square feet to our 652 square foot home. There are days when I'd gladly swap those dimensions but, it is what it is and we're blessed. Well, time for some more porch sitting. Have a great day.

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Craig Cavanaugh said...

My deck and screen room are my favorite places too. Birds chirping, wind in the trees, watching "my" squirrel Rocky and his new girlfriend chase each other 'round... All much more pleasant than sitting cooped up inside in front of the boob toob. Bonus, the hummingbirds are here. They're a hoot to watch. Territorial little buggers!