Tuesday, May 15, 2012


It's been an interesting week, to say the least but through it all, I've been thankful. My Sweetie, George, has been patient, understanding, helpful and humorous and helped me realize that I won't travel this journey alone. I've read about early onset dementia until my eyes have blurred and learned so much - mainly, it's not a death sentence but a journey down a path I have observed before. Now, it's my turn. I've slid into this place gradually and much of the advice fellow travelers have is what I'm already doing. One is, keep a routine as much as possible. Do - or not do - only one major thing a day. Yesterday is was drive with George to Dunnellon for shopping. Day before it was laundry. I've started a notebook in no particular order: thoughts, what I forgot, silly things I did and reminders or references. I already had sticky notes here and there but now there are more. Some are decorated with stickers, buttons, ribbon to catch my attention. We may have friends coming to stay with us for a few months. They need to save money & we need the companionship and break from one another. We trust them, share the same interests and they've decided to return to Florida. It will give George someone to fish with and me someone to walk with or help around the house. They're leaving everything behind but clothes, computers and box of kitchen stuff so they'll do fine in our spare bedroom. Our Apache neighbor who stopped by so much has fallen off the edge of the earth. Asked a neighbor about him & he said, "He's like that. He'll come around again in a few months. Either he's dragged down by his own illness (transplant patient) or his wife's and he's just chilling. When he stopped visiting, we missed that. Neighbor also said his wife never meets anyone here. Sticks to her family and him & no one has been in their home. Okay. Their life is what it is. Have another doc appointment Thursday. If they want me to have more tests and specialists, I'll have to pass. No insurance and don't qualify anyway. Well, time to rest. Thanks to all of you who've sent messages. I appreciate it - and spellcheck!

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Sixbears said...

Good to hear from you. Sounds like you have a plan. Take care and be easy on yourself.