Sunday, May 6, 2012

Birthday in Cedar Key

Three pictures of Cedar Key and one of the Sunflower yellow I'm painting my kitchen cabinets. Loved the 50's diner where we sat on the second floor porch overlooking the Gulf and ate a delicious lunch. We walked a few streets & took lots of pictures before I realized I was using the disposable camera & save for pics I send to my Dad. Once they're developed maybe I'll take a pic of some of those pictures! We had a leisurely drive, lovely lunch, sea breeze and exercise then did some porch sitting. My son and father called to wish me happy birthday, then I painted some of the cabinets before taking a siesta on the sofa. Rain is in the forecast. We need it as always and hope for a brief break in the humidity - until the rain stops! Thought of Sixbears while walking by a restaurant in Cedar Key. In a little clearing well away from the building were three containers for waste veggie oil. No one around to ask for more info about it but someone in the area must be using it. Well, time to answer a few messages and dream a little. Blessing to all of you.


Sixbears said...

Happy Birthday!

Cedar Key is one of those places my lovely wife and tried to fit in our schedule and it just didn't happen. Maybe next year.

I'm sure that grease was spoken for. There are more people buying than selling right now.

2 Tramps said...

What a lovely place to enjoy your birthday. The yellow cabinets look great. Happy belated birthday to you!!

Stephen said...

My wife and I spend a lot of time in Cedar Key. We love it. Nice pictures.