Thursday, May 17, 2012

Living With the Unpredictable

My dementia diagnosis has opened my eyes even wider to something I know inside anyway: life is unpredictable. No matter how rich or prepared or healthy or happy or famous or educated or intelligent or blessed you are by any definition, life still holds disappointment, defeat, surprise, unpredictable events and more. No wonder the saying: The best laid plans of mice and men." This morning was my return doctor appointment: ALL the tests results were in and it still boiled down to what doc suspected and claimed last week and what I've known inside for awhile now. The only real news was I also have high cholesterol. So, off the drug store we went to fill my two scripts: one being Aricept and pick of two refills for George. We made two more stops after that and headed home to relax. Or so we thought. Nearing our house we realized we were behind a neighbor we had not yet met & George wanted to talk to him. We parked by his drive & the guys talked boating,etc. while I stayed in the cool car. George never said another word about him except that he had a motor George might be interested in. After unloading the car, he went to the porch and I laid on the sofa with the blinds closed and AC running. Later he comes inside and asks if I remember what the guy's name is. Me? That is funny. He goes back outside and I hear our boat motor start up. I assume George is tinkering again. Later he comes inside and says he's going for a ride to a boat ramp on Lake Rousseau with Pat. I was in my own orbit and had NO CLUE what he was talking about. I didn't react well either. Long story short, the whole even scared me and I kept asking who and what he was talking about. George grew more impatient each time & finally said, "I'll be home later." He went out the back door and I went out the front door in time to watch him disappear into a strange blue truck I didn't recall. By the time he returned, I was in the fetal position on the sofa holding a wet napkin and hugging a pillow. He realized he had missed the obvious: my brain had slipped a gear earlier. He soothed me, apologized and suggested we go for a ride after picking up a Subway sandwich. He was going to show me the boat ramp the neighbor had showed him. We both had a good laugh when he got lost within three miles of our home & had to backtrack TWICE before finding the ramp. Such is life today. Perhaps after a few weeks of Aricept it will even out a bit.


Lorrie-Chicago said...

Treesong, I have been puzzled by your recent posts about dementia. In moving from the Midwest to Florida, you have shown a high degree of decision making: packing everything up, selling the house & possessions, loading up the trailer, finding & locating a new house, coordinating the move, unpacking, moving in, decorating. All of this shows tremendous cognitive & decision making ability & cognitive choice. How can your situation have changed so drastically in just a few days? Also, if you don't mind my asking, are you going to a new physician who has never seen you before? It seems like kind of a quick diagnosis. Did it include CT or MRI scans? Neurological exam? Pyschological exam? I wouldn't accept such a diagnosis unless I had all those tests, and a 2nd opinion from a teaching university-connected physician. In Miami Beach, there is the Mt. Sinai Medical Center, which has the Wien Center for Alzheimer's Disease & Memory Disorder. I am including the website here: You can take the questionnaire here & email it to them. They will then contact you. It is about a 5-hour drive from Dunnellon to Miami Beach. Maybe they have a clinical trial that will be of some use to you. At least, you could have a 2nd opinion. Sorry for the the length of this message -- I just want to help if I can.

Bustednuckles said...

A silver lining in every cloud, at least it doesn't snow there.

It's been a while since I left a comment, I do swing by once in a while and try to keep up.

Sounds like yer Sweety is plotting a christening of the pontoon boat. LOL!
It also sounds like you are having some tough times personally and know that from far away, someone is wishing good thoughts to you.
That would be me.

Take care and thanks for stopping by my place, Suzanne.


treesong said...

I appreciate hearing from you busted!

Lorrie, thank you for the info. I have had these symptoms for some time but excused them away on other things. My last MRI showed increased plaque and the doc thinks this dementia is one that is found in MS patients. thou I have no insurance or money I scheduled a neuro exam this morning. My mother & her mother both began this in their early 60's so I am not surprised.My best option right now is to take the Aricept and see what happens, then try to find funds

Lorre-Chicago said...

Treesong, sometimes University-related hospitals have free clinical trials that are worth looking into; also there's Medicaid which can cover some tests. Between Medicaid & Medicare, they should cover most costs & sometimes hospitals will write off the balance. I hope you have (or will) go down to your local benefit office (or apply online, whichever your state requires) and apply for benefits. Folks from other countries come to this country & take advantage of all of these benefits -- why not you? You tax dollars have been paying for all that. Time for you to avail yourself of them. Also, please consider my suggestion of the Wien Center for a second opinion and/or the latest treatments due. Good luck!

treesong said...

Lorrie, I am not old enough for Medicare. I am in process of getting my Florida driver license. Have to have that before applying for any benefits. I appreciate your suggestions.