Thursday, May 3, 2012

Still Moving

I was going to say "Still Kicking Here" but I've had the Drunken Sailor Syndrome again for a few days. Sidelined me in the midst of priming the kitchen cabinets in prep for a coat of semi glass Sunflower. Add to that humidity of 69% and 90 degree temps with very little sea breeze and we's suffering. Us northerners have a bit more acclimating to do, it seems. In the meantime, I've tried a new recipes of my own creation: curried pork and okra salad as well as okra casserole. My 59th birthday is Sunday and we plan a trip to Cedar Key for lunch and a walk along the Gulf. Hope to have an early start before it gets too miserable outside, then head home for a siesta. If we could only set out internal clocks to get up early while it's cool and take a siesta every day, we'd get more done, but life goes on anyway. So, why get too concerned, right? Checked out a few mysteries from our library & enjoy then - as long as I can stay awake! What a life we lead! Stay safe and sane and enjoy your weekend, Treesong


Sixbears said...

Pace yourself and you'll get aclimated. I've noticed plenty of FL residents are not used to their own climate. They live with AC most of the year.

squire said...

We were at Cedar Key last year as the horseshoe crabs were mating. We really liked the place but it was still not quite short pant weather, but still very enjoyable.