Monday, January 2, 2012

From Dreaming to Doing

So we decided to sell everything; drive to Florida; find a boat & move aboard.

Since making the decision, we've immersed ourselves in our goal to the point that any schedule we did follow has evaporated.

The last time we were so immersed and excited by something was probably the day we met!

In formulating plans, we at first said things like: "Next spring we'll need to hold yard sales & advertise on Craigslist, etc."

So much of what we need to do was placed in the future.

Today I thought, why not start clearing out STUFF now? I posted on Facebook, placed things on Craigslist and sent out a few emails.

Sure, lots of people have spent their money on Christmas or have property tax bills coming due. That doesn't mean there are no buyers, just fewer. If we can unload things piece by piece instead of prepping for a number of outdoor sales, I think it will be less stress.

The key will be consistent steps over the long haul. And managing the money we collect. We have some debt so that's the first place it will go. We have two properties to unload and these will likely be our greatest challenge.

So all you folks in blogger land, if you know of anyone looking for a 14-70, 2 bed, 2 bath, mobile home with pole barn on five acres between Grand Rapids and Lansing, Michigan, PLEASE send them my way. Extensive remodeling/weatherization has been done. GREAT neighbors. Gravel road that's 6/10 of a mile from M-21 the east/west across most of the state. We have great grocery store, gas station, elementary school, post office, bank, bar, barber/beauty shop and library within 2 miles.

Selling clothing, books, Charles Wysocki puzzle collection (80), tools, bass boat with motor, old Elgin & Johnson motors, golf cart, fabric, dishes, pots/pans, antiques, furniture, chainsaws, acetylene torches/tanks, and a zillion other items.

If you're on the Gulf (preferably Florida), we're looking for a seaworthy 40-44' trawler with galley/salon combination (less steps that way, two berths, 1-2 heads, AC/heat, generator, swim step, dinghy and flying bridge preferred. I look at Yachtworld and Boat Trader DAILY but perhaps there's a suitable vessel sitting around that is not listed. Or someone who has one but hasn't been too serious about selling. The lower the price, the more it catches our interest. We've found a couple in the $35-$49K range & that's where we feel comfortable.

No trips to the Bahamas or the Great Loop are planned. We're simple, laid back, frugal people who just want to free ourselves of any mortgage, lawn care, snow, property taxes/insurance and anchor or cruise at our own whim.

Well, I've said enough. I think it's time I actually did something around here today! Happy New Year to all of you. Treesong


HossBoss said...

Nothing like focusing on a goal to lift your spirits, Treesong! I agree you might as well unload as much as you can before spring ...little bites make a big difference in the long run. Besides, someone who comes to look at something you've listed might see something else while they're there. You never know!

Best wishes to you and Sweetie on achieving your new goal. I look forward to pictures from your new floating paradise!

: )

Anonymous said...

Just curious -- why not a house boat?

treesong said...

We've looked online at houseboats & I like them but Sweetie wants to be able to handle rough weather when we go up & down the Gulf coast. He says that's no place for a houseboat. He had a shrimper on the Gulf for 10 years so I trust his assessment.

treesong said...

Thanks HossBoss! Once I make a decision I'm usually focused to the point of wearing myself out.

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to a website you might find useful -- particularly the forums, which covers a lot of transitional things to consider:
Also, you can read a sample of the magazine online for free.

Craig Cavanaugh said...

WOOT! One question though. Why not a sailboat? The wind is free, at least for now...

treesong said...

We'd like a traditional trawler because they are roomy and have a sail too if needed. He insists on twin diesels though his shrimp boat has a single. Says you can always limp to shore on one engine.

Anonymous said...

Worrywart point of view-
If something happens to him on the water will you be able to handle a trawler? Will he be able to handle a trawler in his condition?

treesong said...

I share your concern B. & have discussed this with him. Until he gets me real familiar with running the boat, I won't agree to venture into the Gulf. If it happens that we have to take the boat from say, Texas to Florida, I want to hang out along shore or in a river there until I feel comfy. He has not piloted at boat beyond 22 feet in 10 years. If he gets ill during this adventure we'll tie up full time or make other arrangements. Maybe being on board will give him a longer, healthier life. Only God knows.

Anonymous said...

A happy life one knows how long we I say don't wait any longer than you have to and hope the wind is at your back. B.

treesong said...

Thanks for the link. Have been reading it and a few live aboard blogs & forums. Wealth of info though most seem to have higher incomes than we do. But - we've never let that stop us.

Bustednuckles said...

Are you freaking serious?!

LMFAO, you do have a sense of adventure after all.

Best wishes, get the hell out of the snow zone and keep us updated regularly.

Do not, I repeat, do not, try to haul your stuff all the hell and gone clear across the country this time. Remember the last little go round getting where ya are now.

You guys are crazy!

treesong said...

Thanks for stopping by Busted! I sure do recall the last time we hauled shit across the country! The beauty of this adventure will be NOT hauling much but ourselves. So - make a trip to Michigan and buy some of our stuff!