Monday, January 23, 2012

Hope & Synchronicity Keep Us Going

Not a day goes by that Sweetie and I don't mention our move to Florida. Whether it's a comment on the weather, the opportunities to travel throughout the state by boat or the latest items we've listed on Craigslist, our minds seem to run on parallel tracks.

We have centered our search in the Inglis/Yankeetown area due to the small town offerings, the Withlacoochie River and the relatively inexpensive prices compared to Fort Myers/Alva. In our dream of dreams, we'd still like to land a waterfront house NOT a mobile home. To do either we'll need a great move of God, a winning lottery ticket or an anonymous donor. But, we believe in the impossible so time will tell.

If any of you happen to know of someone in the Dunnellon/Yankeetown/Inglis area who own waterfront on the river or Lake Rousseau and may be interested in a private sale or a Michigan home, please send them our way.

The phone's been ringing the past couple days as we list things in the pole barn. Our unseasonable weird weather goes from snow to rain to wind to ice and sleet and cycles all over again. On day school's cancelled & most people have sense enough to stay home. The next day everyone seems to be hitting the highway at the same time when the weather breaks. We had 5" of snow on the ground yesterday followed by rain, lightening and thunder. Today we have rain, fog and no snow but icy tracks on our gravel road. More snowfall is forecast tonight.

I end each day thanking God for our life, our joint venture and dream of that two bedroom, one bath waterfront home we have our eye on. Just the right size, a screened lanai, carport, storage shed, dock and quiet neighborhood. And FURNISHED.

Have a great week!


Lorene said...

Hi Treesong -- I know you said Inglis/Yankeetown, but that area is pricy. I've been looking on the internet for quite some time for myself -- I'm single, disabled person living in Chicago -- I have zeroed in on Boynton Beach, in a 55+community called "Sunny South Estates". For me, a senior community is better because there would be a support system & someone to help out in case of emergencies. Also nice to have the clubhouse amenities. I want to be by airports, shopping malls & hospitals/doctors. Boynton Beach meets all of those requirements. It's close to everything. Check out this website -- there is a featured house, 696 Sunny South Ave, for $14,500 on Lake Paul --I'd grab it in a minute, but I need something that is accessible -- no stairs. I'd be happy as a clam sitting in the back yard looking at the water. Maybe you might consider some other areas besides Inglis/Yankeetown. -- I know it's a dream to have a dock, but those waterfront properties are pretty pricy. I haven't found one under $200,000. Lorene

treesong said...

Welcome Lorene! If I were by myself, I'd choose differently. Sweetie is stubborn beyond belief & determined to capture some of his former life so I go along for the ride. Thus far it's been quite the journey & we've had supernatural intervention each time we've moved. Not that this is guaranteed to continue but I prefer to believe our lives will unfold as they should - despite our best efforts to mess them up! Sweetie is stuck on having access to the Gulf via a lake/river & yes there are expensive homes in the Inglis/Yankeetown area but we have found a couple either on the water or with a shared dock/launch area that we may be able to afford. Time will tell. I have said I will NOT live in a mobile home in Florida & I'll do my best to avoid them. I wish you well in your search.