Friday, December 30, 2011

Listening to That Still, Small Voice

It's been there for months now. The realization that we're not quite where we want to be. If blame were placed, it would be on me because I was insistent on moving here from the Upper Peninsula in stead of straight to Florida.

As things have worked out, it's been a midway point on our journey with plenty of advantages. For one, it's helped both of us distill our ideal lifestyle. I've made new friends and reconnected with an old one. And finally, we've recognized that even though we both have medical issues, we still have the ability to move once again.

Now, whether or not we will remains to be seen. But, I'm a firm believer in making my intentions known to the Universe & honing in on subtle messages via people, dreams, conversations, research and memories - to name a few.

If you've read this blog for any length of time you know Sweetie was a shrimper in Florida & has always wanted to return to the state, not the profession. I'm the one who's attitude needed to change. My ONE experience in Florida was miserable & my knowledge of the state minuscule.

In the past year I've read every thing Florida til my eyes turn blurry. The friend I reconnected with lived in Florida after spending her life in Michigan. She's been a gold mine of info and knows me fairly well

And, like all dreams/aspirations they have congealed over time. Looking back I can see where step by step I was approaching this life change while not realizing it. Some examples are: the move to the Upper Peninsula; leaving the UP; buying the 22' Carver boat; learning to fish again (though I'm still not a fan, I can do it); and being honest with ME about who I am and what I like/dislike/believe.

Not only have I become reclusive, I am also more intolerant and disgusted with most of what passes for civilization. The mantra that keeps flashing in my head is: "Simplify, simplify, simplify."

Simplicity no longer means owning acreage, barns, animals, machinery and 3-5 years worth of firewood. Neither of us have the strength or will to care for any of it.

On my crankier days I'd rather lay in bed and die than get up and vacuum, wash clothes, participate in community activities, drive anywhere, sort food storage, weed the garden, can the tomatoes, sit in the doctor's office, have another damn test that will tell me what I already know, or listen to anyone complain about who's doing what or how beautiful the Kardashian wedding was. It's all too much anymore.

So yesterday, during a quiet afternoon, with Sweetie in his recliner & me in my wing chair, I asked him, "what would you do if you could do anything with the rest of your life?"

"Live on a boat in Florida."

It was that simple.

We have no idea how or when but we know why. And we know we're in it together.
While drinking tea, I filled four 8x11 pages both sides in a tablet with info, ideas, questions and dreams.

Today I've been online since 9 a.m. It is now 6:16 p.m. and my research has helped us distill yesterday's musing, writing and decision.

A little while ago I sat here & laughed til my sides ached. Sweetie kept smiling & finally asked if I would include him in on the joke.

"This is the best solution EVER for you not accumulating anymore junk for the pole barn & me not bitching about it!"

With a grin he said, "Think of all the times we wouldn't have moved my junk if you had agreed to Florida four years ago."

Grinning back, I said, "Four years ago you wanted to buy a house in Florida."

True this is the early beginning of our next move but our hearts are light, our spirits bright and any stress or worry has evaporated - for now.

What a wonderful place to be!


Craig Cavanaugh said...

Just to plant a little seed in y'all's minds, but you could live on a boat in Texas WAY cheaper than Florida. And there's little to none of those bothersome Florida restrictions on where you can or can't anchor, no wake/no prop zones are minimal. And there are vast expanses of the Upper and Lower Laguna Madre where you can be as close to absolutely alone as is possible in a coastal area. It's 75 miles (give or take) of national seashore on one side and open ranch land on the other from Corpus Christi to Port Mansfield (which is a tiny hamlet), all connected by the Intracoastal Waterway. Food for thought...

Sixbears said...

There are some great deals on boats right now.

If you do get one, we'll have to meet on the water someday.

mdknighthawk said...

Best of luck, follow your dreams, you only live once.
Good Luck

treesong said...

It's strange how one loses interest in possessions that have cluttered moving vans, closets and shelves for years.

I was looking around the walls tonight saying "gone" or "keep." Opened our closet door & thought of a post I read on a live-a-board forum. the guy had five of each: sock, underwear, T-shirt, slacks, shorts, coats. Sounds great to me!
Due to our tight finances, we need a mix of things to fall together: land contract paid in full or evicked (we have a cash buyer in background), sell this place & nearly every item in it or buy a winning lottery ticket.

Sweetie says if we sell this place & everything but the kitchen sink, we'll take off & buy the least expensive, water tight boat we can "and drift a lot." There won't be any trips to the Bahamas, the Great Loop or a long range cruise up the Atlantic coast. We'll "drift" on the water between Fort Myers and Port Saint Lucie. Sounds great to me!
I've lived in a 160 square foot cabin with no amenities; three mobile homes and a motor home. Living on the water cuts out a lot of the upkeep of other property.

Ellen said...

Sounds wonderful. Hope you will find a way to keep us up to date with your "drifting"!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a plan to me. B.

If you know someone who could use it,there is a free trailer on Craigslist in the UP, today.
Happy New Year.