Monday, January 9, 2012

The Upside of Procrastination

In this household it's easy to see the results of procrastination. Work delayed means more work later. Decisions delayed sometimes result in better choices or paying less for something because the price drops, or discovering that a problem with the car was a misdiagnosis.

And then there's my reaction to procrastination - which is generally Sweetie procrastinating and me doing something on my own. Which may be what he's counting on.

And then the cycle of late has been for me to follow his example. I've resorted to soups, sandwiches, casseroles and even cereal or eggs. Saves on work, money to replenish stuff in the freezer, dirty dishes and me getting dressed to go out.

Procrastination has saved a bundle on gasoline and laundry too. The car gas tank was filled 3 weeks ago. The tank registers 3/4 full. Gas then was $3.24. It was $3.89 yesterday.

Instead of three loads of laundry a week, I've done one. I last got dressed on Jan.5th

We have money left in the checking account - which we may need if the land contract payment doesn't arrive on time again this month.

Even the mail has been left to accumulate for three days before one of us goes outside to get it.

His procrastination is rubbing off on me big time.

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Anonymous said...

you are learning to be a real person, not a robot of the masses

congrats from