Saturday, July 2, 2011

As Independence Day Approaches

I've been reminded several times this week of how dependent, disrespectful and unmotivated our society is.

Since Monday:

New acquaintances received a 14 day notice to vacate their home from his step son - after moving into the place six months ago at the stepson's urging so it wouldn't be foreclosed. Their last house payment was THREE days late (no late charge incurred at the bank) and the couple had maintained the place spotlessly. The son's rich girlfriend suggested they occupy the house because it's larger than her condo. So a 40-something couple with two girls ages 6 & 13 may be homeless by July 11th. Reasonable rentals are in short supply here and they have no down payment to buy a place.

My former step daughter's son was released from jail after serving 18 months for larceny, assault and fleeing police. He's on a tether and banned from entering either of our twin communities. Last night he broke into his grandfather's home; stole money, food, keys to the ATV and ran the machine into the river. When apprehended he spit at the cops and cursed his parents. His mother, crying, asked what his problem was. "None of you ever cared whether I had a car, a nice house or money when I was in high school." No thought of working during high school; helping out at home; saving money or treating anyone with respect. It's all about HIM.

Meanwhile, my GM retiree acquaintances, told the local barber I'm in dire need of money. NOT true. But the barber, who helps all sorts of folks, handed me a stack of her business cards. "Here, write your name on the back of each & pass them out to your friends. For every one that's redeemed, I'll give you $10." Obviously a nice offer from a person who genuinely cares but it's the GM retirees who need money! Instead of examining their spending habits, they got jealous of my painting for haircut barter deal at the barber's. Their solution was to spread a rumor and try to embarrass me.

My father returned home after his "Secret Trip" and visited my sister-in-law. He claimed he'd "hitched a ride" with my daughter - who brought her youngest to a music camp in Mid-Michigan. When sister-in-law asked if he'd gone anywhere else he lied. "No, just stopped in for coffee with Sheila." In fact, he was an hour north of us for three days, then went to E. Lansing for lunch with a cousin and visited her husband in the nursing home. This is the father who lived with us in the U.P. The father who calls once a month and says he's not well enough to travel and complains that everyone there ignores him. Sweetie is so pissed he screens our calls & says not to answer if my father calls here.

Stopped at my elderly friend's to pick up her grocery list and repair her screen window. She lives in a mobile home park of about 60 homes. The ONE time I did not lock the car, someone helped themselves to the bag of bananas, lettuce, tomatoes and a library book. In broad daylight.

Our local food pantry is begging for donations and volunteers. One man we know of got a box of groceries from them; took them to his druggie daughter and traded dope for food. The reason we know is we were across the hall donating a recliner to an elderly man. The druggie daughter came to his door and offered to give us groceries for money at which the old man screamed at her. "You're not getting money here to buy your crap!"

After this week, I'd like to hibernate for six months. Wonder how much worse the world will be by December.


Sixbears said...

Maybe this Independence day, you can declare independence from all the crazy people who intrude on your life.

Have a good holiday weekend!

Anonymous said...

That is a very good December where will be ?
Did you here about the 'flash mobs' that are going into stores and cleaning them out and tearing the place up and actually even killing people in some places...beating them and beating at least one to death. I think it was a drug store
Sixbears has a fine idea. It sounds like they aren't worth your worry. B.

SHARON said...

I concur with Sixbears. Remember, just because they're related to you, don't mean you gotta love 'em. I guess the 'milk of human kindness has soured in my stomach.'

treesong said...

Thanks all for your comments. Re-reading my post I sound like the most negative person on earth. This was NOT my intent.

I did not seek out any of these experiences and in two instances was helping someone in need.

The couple facing eviction stopped in to ask if we knew of a place to live on short notice - and thus we heard of their troubles.

The punk son of my former step daughter I hear about often because he's terrorized these communities for a few years.

We have distanced ourselves from the retirees who had talked the barber into "helping us out." They have become a tough lesson in examining why we associate with people who remain stuck in dysfunction.

It's been in the 80's here so we've spent most of the day inside. Sweetie fixed steaks on the grill and we rounded off the meal with baked potato, salad and watermelon.

Very early this morning, Sweetie mowed the lawn and I watered the tomatoes and peppers.

I've done some sewing, crocheting, reading, glued stones to picture frames and organized photos - with short breaks in between each task.

Overall, a relaxing, beautiful day.