Thursday, July 14, 2011

Almost On the River

The guys tweaked a few things on the boat today; gabbed about previous fishing trips; and came onside to rest. Forty-five minutes later the temp had gone up by 12 degrees and the humidity returned after two days of breezes and cooler temps.

One suggested they should check the tackle boxes. Off to the pole barn they went. Have an hour later they're back inside, sweating and wearing long faces.

"You must have misplaced my tackle boxes," Sweetie says.

"No, I didn't. They're on the left hand side of the garage, near the front door under some of your junk."

They look at one another and say in unison: "We've looked all over that garage."

You do know how this story ends, right?

After supper I went opened the back door, stood on the steps and looked straight at the tackle boxes.

Brought them inside and sat them on Sweetie's lap.

"They were BENEATH everything you had moved while looking for them."

Then we made a trip to Walmart to buy licenses. Another hilarious event that I may share later.

Tomorrow's the big day. My girlfriend and I pray they have a safe, successful trip on the river. We'll take pictures to prove it actually happened.

Until then, have a great evening.


Sixbears said...

I discovered my tackle box, kept in a shed next to the lake, was cleaned out. All the good stuff was stolen out of it. No idea when it happened. Weird. I suspect it might have been kids who didn't want to be caught with the whole box.

Anonymous said...

LOL, so typically male, it did crack me up!

2 Tramps said...

Oh, yes, tackle boxes. Tramp 1 has several - one for saltwater gear, one for freshwater gear, one for hike in fishing. Am sure they all contain a lot of ancient and decayed gear. And yes, I know where they are and most likely he does not!!