Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Think I've recovered from prepping for Island Fest. It was great to meet people I only know online. Didn't sell a whole lot but their comments were great and my inventory will be moved to the booth I rent downtown.

We have a nice breeze here today which makes it easier for Sweetie to breathe. He's been a better patient this past week since the doc told him if he didn't want to follow orders there was no point in seeing him. His son may or may not come to visit him because his truck isn't running well and he's broke as usual.

My father and daughter made a trip downstate to visit a few people but not us. So be it.

Our friends in Flint who visited earlier this month want to return at the end of July during the local Fair. Seeing as both she and I are the caretakers of our men, we're hoping they're both well enough for a visit.

Today, we pick up paperwork for Sweetie's appointment with the cardiologist. Not only does his heart rate skyrocket when he exerts any energy, it spirals downward when he struggles to breathe while wearing oxygen.

Well, time to scoot. Plenty more I could rattle on about but an out of breath man needs my attention as does the crippled dog.


vlad said...

Here are several articles on inhaling hydrogen peroxide to ease beathing.

Anonymous said...

Bless your heart....it is hard. Hugs. B.