Monday, July 18, 2011

Oppressive Heat

We're fortunate to have air conditioning and two ceiling fans to keep us comfy in this oppressive heat wave. 86 degrees when we woke up; 92 now. Heat index is near 100 and, according to the weather man, we haven't experienced the worse of the forecast.

I feel for people without air conditioning.

But, knowing this weather was on our way, we checked a few essential supplies. Bottled water in case we lose power and can't use our well. Gasoline for the generator so our a/c, and refrigeration operate. We have a huge oxygen tank capable of operating without power for Sweetie should the need arise.

Last week we bought mulch for our tomato and pepper plants & it's paid off handsomely. I've watered them every 2-3 days and, coupled with the heat, the plants are producing well.

Fortunately, we have only ONE medical appointment this week but it's in Lansing. With that in mind, we've filled the gas tank; have a cooler stocked with drinks & food ready to go; checked engine fluids and four gallons of water are stashed in the trunk.

Called my elderly friend to check on her and she's doing well thus far. We had installed our spare air conditioner in her home a few weeks ago. She said the scanner is full of heat stroke victims; people complaining of dizziness and chest pains and children and pets left in vehicles. Some people never learn.

Should the electric grid go down this is going to spell tragedy for many.


Sixbears said...

Low 80s here in northern NH -which is just as well as I was breaking up cement with a sledge hammer. Having some cool water now.

It's not supposed to get so terrible up here. Take care and hope the AC keeps on plugging along.

Craig Cavanaugh said...

Awwwww c'mon, that's nothing! : ) We had heat indices of 110 plus last month. Today it was a balmy 96 degrees, which was quite tolerable in the shade once the Gulf breeze finally kicked in.

I remember laughing when the heat advisory flags went up in Great Lakes, IL at the Navy Training Center when it hit a mere 90 degrees. Many times our overnight low is in the mid to upper 80s, with humidity approaching 70% or more.

But I know that folks are acclimated to their particular location, and temperature extremes cause major problems. Like when it freezes down here, I suffer tremendously. Same for y'all with heat. All I can say is stay out of the sun, and drink lotsa water. Me, I downed a half gallon of iced tea while working on my boat today.

Ha ha, word verification is "sessies" : )

Mike said...

Use shredded newspaper for mulch so no $ out of your pocket. Works great.