Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Skin Cancer Free!

We made another trip to Lansing today for Sweetie to see the dermatologist.

For the first time in five years he is entirely skin cancer free! And he has the scars to prove it! Over 70 spots on his face, neck, ears and a dozen on his arms and back. Multiple incisions and layers removed and a few "diggings" are now over.

Sweetie has a face with character and a smile that stops people in their tracks. And we're so thankful!


Sixbears said...

Congratulations! You guys were due for a break.

SHARON said...

Still praying for you both. This is great news, my friend.

Anonymous said...

YES ! B.

marlene said...

Hi there,
I have to agree with (Sixbears) congratulations. A very well deserved blessing. May they come more often as you are a great warm, loving couple. You show kindness where ever you go.
Love Always