Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Yearning do I say this?

My dearly beloved Sweetie has talked me into moving - once again!

Not to worry though. We have no funds to do it yet. No firm plans as to exactly where - in FLORIDA - and not great health (just to keep things interesting).

He has always wanted to return to the Sunshine State. He lived there for years, operating his own shrimp boat out of the Hudson area. He loves the Gulf, the climate, the waterways, the memories.

I've been to Florida twice. Once with an ex to Tampa and Sarasota. Burnt my legs by spending too much time walking on asphalt. Got trapped on a dock by a gator. Had a snake in the bathroom. Not a real good first impression for this Northerner.

My second trip was 6-7 years ago for a conference in Ft. Lauderdale where we stayed in a luxury hotel on the beach. Give me a few million and I wouldn't have returned. No worries. Room service. Beautiful weather. Fine dining. Swimming, shopping, golf, spa....

Of course now, I wouldn't stay in that place if you gave me a week free. I was a corporate ladder chaser then. Am a bookworm, artist and all around relaxed (lazy?) retiree who stays in her house dress or shorts and a T-shirt most days.

So....I got this crazy idea.

Why don't we set a goal of buying a houseboat or live aboard motor yacht? It didn't take either of us long to realize it might be the ideal thing for two wanderlusts who're used to living in mobile homes.

Have no idea if this will happen but I can say this: every time I've had an intention; a desire for change; I've immersed myself in dreaming, thinking, planning, investigating and somehow, someway, through a strange yet marvelous turn of events, it has come to pass.

So, if anyone knows of a small houseboat/yacht in great shape but really cheap, let me know. We'd like to spend time on rivers from Steinhatchee, Yankeetown, Crystal River and Tampa to Port St. Lucie.


Sixbears said...

I'm all in favor of living in boats. Having taught myself to sail in those waters last winter, I can understand the attraction.

Dry winter air can be harsh on those of with lung issues.

Good luck following your dreams.

Craig Cavanaugh said...

I got the same yearning, though for here on the Texas coast (it's a lot cheaper). There's no such thing as a cheap motor yacht; only expensive ones in good shape, or low priced ones that need enough work to match or exceed the price of one in good shape : ) I have seen some pretty reasonably priced houseboats though. Check out and, those are the two websites I used to burn bandwidth on, when I still dared to dream...

SciFiChick said...

Follow your dreams...