Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Shopping Again

We're still living on our preps for food and personal care products but a move always entails a need to repair/replace/renovate so a shopping we have gone.

Today it was slippers for Sweetie. Cold feet with little circulation make him a cranky fella. After three stops - the first being Goodwill - I found a size 12 fake fur lined, soled boot type slipper. The price was $20 which I knew he'd have a fit about. Which is why I suggested he stay in the car while I went in and looked. As the cashier scanned them she asked if I had any coupons or bottle return slips. Nope. Next thing I know she says, "Well, lucky you, I do. These are $4 off." Music to my ears.

Got out to our car, tapped on Sweetie's window and waved the slippers at him. Mr. Grumpy with the freezing feet, rolled the window down. I said, "open up and try these on. If you don't like them I'll return them now." First thing he says is, "How much?"

I gave him one of my looks and he dutifully removed a shoe. "Hmmm, these are kinda nice," he says. "How much?" I said $16 he said to return them. No surprise there!

I said, "Come on, we're going home" and got in the car. Sometimes a gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do.

While at Goodwill I scored big time. Reversible twin size quilt that still had that new stiffness to it. $10.

Huge plastic bowl that had several plastic food storage containers in it. No prices. How'd that happen? I had no interest in the bowl but the containers, with their shiny, flawless surfaces, were begging to go home with me. At the checkout the gal said, "49 cents each." Fine with me as I know what they cost new.

I also bought a few long sleeved tees and a pair of flannel pj pants for me. Grand total was $3.29 because some careless soul spilled their drink on them and then walked away. Never to be put off by anything other than a dead body, I slid hangers across the rack as though nothing had happened and found what I wanted. Took all four pieces to the checkout and said, "These items shouldn't be out here, they're damaged." The gal thanked me and made like she would pitch them in the garbage. I said, "If you're going to throw them away, I'll take them." She said it wasn't really store policy but I extended my hands and said I'd hate to dumpster dive behind the store. For a second she looked shocked then said, "A woman after my own heart." I'd like to further acquaint myself with her!

Next stop was the hardware store for a part for the garden tub that Sweetie will soon immerse himself in. After a 10 minute ride home we unloaded and ate leftovers for lunch. God bless leftovers. Most things taste better the second or third time around.

While waiting to fill prescriptions at Walmart I had browsed the clothing aisles. Think sticker shock. I never pay their full price, nor their sale I so I'd have a heart attack if I ever visited Macys or some women's boutique. On the other hand, I have a weakness for certain antiques so the lottery would come in handy!

Anyway, back on track here. Being frugal is in my blood. Must have had a transfusion while asleep because I wasn't always this way. But, God am I grateful I am now!!!! And the best part is, I feel rich, wealthy and completely satisfied.

Well, time to finish my assignment for tomorrow's writing group. Have a great evening everyone. Treesong


Mayberry said...

Ain't it great to feel rich when you're "poor"?! We don't have much, and basically live hand to mouth, but I wouldn't trade it for "wealth". Wealth brings it's own brand of misery, and I've seen too many "rich" folks basically destroy themselves with drugs and debauchery. No thanks...

vlad said...

I take one teaspoon each cayenne, cinnamon and honey in water well shaken at breakfast and bedtime with a water chaser.
If you can get Sweetie to do the same he will feel better, and his feet will not get so cold as it will improve blood circulation.

Anonymous said...

All in all , sounds like a good day.

HermitJim said...

Sounds like you scored big time today! Nothing like finding a bargain!

I could use some of those slippers myself!

Stephanie said...

Sounds like a very productive trip! I am doing all my holiday shopping at either Salvation Army, Goodwill, or Savers.

My kids do not care if they get "new"...they just enjoy the simple things.