Monday, December 27, 2010

Consoling Myself

Made cherry cheesecake tonight. Decided what the heck may as well indulge. Seeing as I indulged and sent each of my five grand kids a Christmas card with money. Have not received a thing from any of them - though I forgive the five year old cause of his age. There is no excuse for the two 11-year-old or the 18 and 19 year old.

The last time I shall be so foolish.

No wonder we don't bother with decorating and "celebrating" Christmas as most people do.


Bellen said...

Know how you feel. Living about 1200 miles from 3 grandkids and knowing nothing about what they want or have, we send Savings Bonds. In past years we have also sent a Christmas ornament. Never have received thank you for either. This year just sent the Savings Bonds. We were questioned about the ornaments - parents said the kids really liked getting them and were very disappointed!! And how were we supposed to know.

Writing it off to indifference on part of the parents. I don't believe in the common excuse of 'we just don't have the time'. If it's important to you, you'll make the time.

debbieo said...

My kids are smart enough to send thank you notes because they were told, by me, no note, no spending the money you get. They now have good habits for writing notes. At least I did one thing right.

And its amazing how much the grandparents appreciate those notes. Its so much easier to give to someone who is grateful for what they are given than someone who is indifferent. No nice, no give. Simple

Anonymous said...

I remember fondly the gifts of embroidered hankies. The beautiful pastels of pink, yellow, lavender. And matching stationery. such beautiful flowers, carnations, roses, violets, to a little girl they were treasures. And at every occasion that I received a gift, I was required to use one of my prized cards or stationery to write a thank you note.
I felt so grown up to write a real letter to someone, even got to put the stamp on it all by myself.