Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Now That My Hair's Clean...

it appears to have inspired me to do or contemplate other strange things!

Once my hair dried I went in search of a jar of taco seasoning and Sweetie's "70 below boots" - in the garage! And why not? I have scoured this house top to bottom, opened every box, and looked behind, beneath and above everything. And still the taco seasoning eludes me. One whole pound of it!!!! I even had the crazy thought that I'd find it inside his boots!

After climbing over buckets and boxes and stacked of lumber and rakes and motors and crates to no avail I was ready to pitch it all, of course. So I went to town. What better way to cool my rising blood pressure than looking through other people's cast offs. Miracle of miracles I didn't find a thing. I know, hard to believe I didn't drag more stuff home. All I can figure is I had looked at so much of ours (his really) that everything I saw looked like it belonged in the same landfill as what I'd just climbed through.

So, I stopped to visit my elderly friend. She'd spent time listening to the local police scanner reporting more of her granddaughter's dysfunctional behavior. In the midst of this her daughter called twice bitching about the situation and blaming her for the whole mess. Isn't it always the previous generation's fault when people make stupid decisions?

After telling me her woes I told her of my extended shampoo. A little levity brought a smile to her face and left the craziness behind.

Later in the day I searched online recipes for "cabbage casseroles," "writing prompts," and "french country antiques." For good measure my last search was "why do I wonder."

Let's just say these searches led my down various other paths and before I knew it Sweetie had kissed me goodnight, their was one light on in the house and I was hungry again. No wonder. It was now 2:13 a.m.

Instead of sleeping in as one would expect, I was awake at 6:15 a.m. After making a pot of coffee and enjoying a blueberry yogurt I decided I'll do what I hate most. Go to the doctor. For two months I've tried to ignore something; changed my diet; taken home remedies and entered various symptoms in medical sights. About all it's done is made me anxious while the symptoms seem to increase. So, today's the day. Yuck.

Meanwhile, have a great day folks. Treesong


mizdeb said...

Hope things go well at the doctor. I've been reading your blog for a long time and really enjoy it. I'm in central Texas so you give me a wonderful view of the north. Word verification is outcher. Perhaps in reference to your dr. appt.? lol

debbieo said...

Heres hoping that everything turns out fine with an easy fix at the doctor. I wait as long as I can to go too.

Sixbears said...

Good luck at the Dr.'s. I know I do everything possible before seeing one. Sometimes, however, you can't do everything at home.