Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dr.'s Noon Tomorrow

So I discovered one needs an appointment at the "walk in clinic."
So I called back to the clinic at the end of our road. They had not returned my call last week, after saying the doctor would decide that day whether to take me on as a new patient. Twenty minutes ago her receptionist called back.

"Dr. has decided she'll accept you as a new patient. However, she wanted me to let you know the office call will be anywhere from $143 - $200."

I calmly asked if this was because as a new patient the office call included a complete history. "No, it all depends on how much time she spends with you."

You can bet my greenbacks I'm gonna make my request short and sweet. "I'd like a CBC and CA125 blood tests and a colonoscopy ordered."

Truth be told, I'm only going in because I fear cancer or a ruptured bowel based on my history.

Is it any wonder emergency rooms are full of patients who have no real emergency?
Is it any wonder people put off going to the doctor?

This news is certainly not calming my gut down!


Bustednuckles said...

My honey left just this minute to go find out whether or not she has to have a hysterectomie.

You are in my prayers also.



Anonymous said...

Might want to throw in occult blood for good measure too.

Mrs Mills

Stephanie said...

Prayers that it is nothing as serious as that Treesong:)