Wednesday, December 22, 2010

One Strange Day!

I woke up to pounding this morning. Took me a bit to realize it was someone at the front door - which we don't use. Grabbed my robe, tripped over the cat, and opened the door. No one there. No tracks. No car.

Okay, I told myself I must've been dreaming.

Got back in bed, adjusted my pillows and heard the pounding again.

To heck with the robe. This time I warned the cat to get out of my way and flung the door open again. NOTHING THERE!

I didn't need a morning like this. Had a restless night.

By this time I can't go back to bed and must have been bitching to boot 'cause now Sweetie is standing in the bedroom doorway asking, "What's all the racket?"

I tell him some one's been pounding on the door so he opens the door. "How you figure that when there aren't any tracks in the snow?" he asks.

"I know what I heard," I said as I turned my head while pouring water into the coffee pot. When my feet got wet I realized what I'd done.

A few expletives later I had the mess picked up and the coffee brewing. Sweetie says, "I sure hope you're not gonna be a grouch all day."

Well, say certain things to me at certain times and you'll get a response. Sometimes it's a silent response - like I ain't cooking a thing today. I ain't cleaning either. I'm gonna sit and read all day. so there.

Four chapters into the first book he says, "Aren't you gonna fix yourself some breakfast?" I brought the cookie container to my chair side table.

Then he asks if I'm gonna get dressed cause he's going to town; meaning he wants me to come with him. "No, I'm staying home today."

So he leaves for an hour and comes home with more plumbing supplies. "I'll go outside and turn the water back on; you tell me if there's any leaks," he says half an hour later. At least that's what he said he told me. All I heard was "I'll go outside."

He comes storming in the house and says, "Can't you hear me?" as he walks toward our bathroom. A few curses later he returns and drops a wet bath rug on my lap.

Good thing I had turned the book face down when he started swearing or it would have been a mess.

And that was just the beginning of our day.

Some days get better. Some get worse. Some get so strange that all you can do is laugh.

Our feral cat, Slick, who comes inside nearly every day for a drink and some head scratching, got in a fight with Kitty Kitty. I picked him up and planted his sassy butt on the deck and closed the door. Reached down to get the dog's dish and Slick was drinking from it.

I thought Slick had scooted back in without me seeing him. So, out the door he goes again and I shut the door again while looking down, just to be sure he's out and I'm in.

I turn around, take three steps toward my chair and Slick is jumping onto my ottoman. I kid you not.

"What the H**?"

About this time, Sweetie comes out of the bathroom and says, "Guess you're right about cats being beneath the garden tub." He had the tub access door open and Slick was using it as his RE-entry point.

Once the plumbing job was complete, Slick was placed outside again and hasn't been seen since.

Then, about supper time I'm cleaning the cat litter box and hear a car motor. Looked up to see who had arrived and noticed our car tail lights were on & exhaust was steaming out the tailpipe.

"What the H**" again.

We hand our car keys in the laundry room. There were all there. I stepped into the kitchen to see if Sweetie had gone out the front door or had another remote starter in his hand. He was asleep in his recliner.

So I go outside and check the car. It was obvious there was no one in it but by then I was ready to believe in ghosts. I go back in to wake Sweetie up.

"You're not gonna believe this but the car started itself," I say.

"So turn it off," he says.

"But it started itself without a remote," I tell him. No he's pissed that I woke him up. To add fuel to the fire I say, "Either get up and figure out what's going on or I'll go for a ride and we'll see when I come home."

So he goes to the car, puts his foot on the brake, comes inside and says, "I think you should have been doing something around here today. You're really weird when you sit all day!"


And then he asks what's for dinner. I showed him the cookie container.


WomanWhoRunsWithHorses said...

Ghost of Christmas Past? Gee, what a day! Did Sweetie like his cookie supper??


Anonymous said...

The Goast of Christmas Past!!..or your house is haunted!!

HermitJim said...

Interesting...very interesting!

I can see why you would think that something strange is going on! I agree!