Monday, June 7, 2010

A Visit From the DEQ

Handsome, polite man with a business card in his hand knocked on the door today.

Hello, I'm so and so from the Michigan DEQ, he said. Had a complaint that you were building a road across a wetland. I've already checked out the area and closed the file. Appears to me you were brushing your property line.

Sweetie and I smiled at him, at one another and said to ourselves: "The assholes are at it again."

Tomorrow, we'll keep working on our deck repair and bathroom remodel. No comments to any of the neighbors; no confrontations. Just add this little stunt to our notebook and bide our time.

One day the fencing will be finished; the gates will be installed and locked; the solar lights and game cameras will be positioned and the entire 1320 feet will be brushed.

And one or more of these dumb asses is gonna screw up big time.


HermitJim said...

At least the guy was smart enough to know what you were doing! Sometimes they aren't!

debbieo said...

What does brushing your property line mean? brushing?

Anonymous said...

Too bad the local law enforcement isn't as 'on the job' as the DEQ.
Law abiding citizens win out in the end. B.

Did it MY way said...

My God an honest government man? Sounds like you have the matter in hand. Those assholes should give up soon. Wish I was your neighbor. Any land close to you for sale? Could use a place for summer parking for my MH.

See Ya.

treesong said...

Thanks all for your comments. Yes, it's amazing that a government man knew we were brushing the property line.

For those who don't know what that is - it means clearning undergrowth, tag alder (which can't legally be pulled up by the roots) and small trees from the line. This gives us a straight view of the line from survey marker to marker and defines where the fence will eventually run.

Did It My Way, I'm sending you an email regarding the 3 acres across the road we have for sale. Would love to have you for a neighbor!

冠宛君中 said...

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