Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Home Now But Exhausted

What should have been a nine hour drive last Thursday took 11 hours. Ditto for the return trip - after a side trip to Mt. Pleasant and Ionia!

Add four days at my cousins where my Dad had temper tantrums and took his frustrations out on me - because he was NOT the center of everyone's world - and I am one totally exhausted, angry woman.

Best to get a few days rest before I do anything else. Came home to Sweetie being sick, having dizzy spells and nausea so I have to drag him to the doc's tomorrow. Maybe we ought to both check into the local hospital for some R&R. God, what a crazy thought.

Talk to you all later, Treesong


Anonymous said...

Take care of all of you. Maybe there is a day care center that your dad could attend for the day at a local nursing home . Maybe Medicare would cover it , tool. At least there are around here. Or maybe a relative. He could get out and be around other folks. He isn't mad at you ...he is mad at the condition he now finds himself in. Part of it also is he doesn't realize at all what he is doing. You really just have to remember that.....he isn't himself through no fault of his own or yours. Hope Sweetie is okay. Maybe he is dehydrated a bit. Sounds like some of the symptoms , anyway. B.

Did it MY way said...

Those trips can wear you out. Take a few off, and relaxe. Afew shots of Jack will do a good job. Nice to see you back.

See Ya.

debbieo said...

I had to take my dad back to his house and I need to bring him back here again. He is throwing a fit. He hates the country etc. I feel your pain.