Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Flag Raising & Other Projects

Part of the family gathered here on Father's Day and worked together to install my Dad's flagpole. Now he's able to sit in his chair and view the American, Norwegian and U.S. Coast Guard flags fluttering overhead.

We picked up two cords of firewood last night and today we're after two more. If nothing else, we'll be warm this winter.

The blueberry bushes are loaded so it looks like another bumper crop this season. Can barely wait as we're down to four quarts in the freezer.

Tomorrow I drive Dad to Lapeer, MI. to visit with his 92-year-old sister who flew in Sunday from Sarasota. In honor of his visit he shaved his beard (she hates beards!) so for the first time in 20 years he has 5 o'clock shadow every day!

My eldest son has loaned us his ATV so Sweetie can drive it through the swampy area that borders the west edge of our land. He wants to check out the timber and see what if anything has been discarded in that area. Spring or fall would have been a better time to do there would be less underbrush so I expect a bug-bitten, scratched up man to emerge.

The cabbage and onions we planted in our garden are doing well but so are the weeds. Maybe when I return from downstate Sweetie will have run the tiller between the rows. Maybe.

Well, I'm tired and have lots to do before we leave tomorrow. Have a great weekend everyone. Have no idea when we're returning as Dad says this is his last trip downstate. Treesong


Anonymous said...

I bet there will be several places and folks he will want to see. Good luck to you both. B.

Stephanie said...

Hope you and your dad have a safe trip :)

debbieo said...

Have a safe trip.
My dad is here for a couple of weeks. He had a stroke a while back and has trouble doing some things. My sisters both work outside of the home and cant be there for him as much as I can. He is homesick now and wants to go back home. I guess he can go back for a week or two and then here for a week or two. He has romantacized home and everything is so much easier there. I told him he has to take some responsibility for his therapy and today he is doing good. Rambling here, just know I think you do a good job with your dad. Wish my dad would get it through his head I am the only one with time to help him. And as you know, its a full time job. I have been putting velcro on his shirts and pants as he cant do buttons. I get to buy the velcro and all and he buys my sister and her husband cartons of cigarettes today. My rant. sorry. I feel selfish and then bad for feeling that way. Oh well LIFE.

debbieo said...

Thank you for visitng and commenting on my blog. I read you about every other day. I am about the same age as you and have a few of the same interests.
I appreciate your comment and I know you are right.
I really enjoy your blog.

Selous Scout said...

Kinda quiet, aren't ya? Hope all is well.