Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Another New Neighbor & More Trees

Forty-three acres north of the DNR boat landing road sold last year to a couple from Lubbock, TX. They spent big bucks building a long winding drive into the place and parked an old travel trailer on the property.

Yesterday I saw three pickups parked there and men building a gate. When I got home I told Sweetie, "Let's take a ride and introduce ourselves."

NICE neighbors. Nice, nice neighbors!!!! Couple in their mid 50's who will retire in two years and build a Golden Eagle log home. Sweetie asked about their gate and the man said, "Seems everyone thinks they can run all over here with their four wheelers and wreck things."

Told him, "You ain't seen nothing yet. Wait until , hunting season, blueberry season and camping season." The company he bought from had forewarned him so, like us, he plans to post his land. The low life here will be real happy about another "city slicker" keeping them off land they've always abused.

Brings a smile to my face.

Until he retires, they spend their vacation and sick time here. On this trip they discovered that the nursery stock 6' pines and maples they planted last year, had been pushed/pulled down. Rope and bungie cords were left behind, along with beer cans, of course.

Welcome to the neighborhood.

The previous night, I had tied orange flagging tape around 4' stakes and walked to the area where Harley Man's junk WAS stored on our land. You may recall our lot line runs through the 34' side of his outbuilding. Same idiot who hung Harley and Budweiser banners on the fence. Anyway, I'm out there hammering stakes in the ground to mark where I'll plant more trees. He's inside, with the windows open, cussing a blue streak about me "blocking" his view and still complaining that we installed pig fence.

I went home and told Sweetie, "I think we'll need to plant more trees back there."


SciFiChick said...

Sure am glad to hear you are getting some nice neighbors out there. You need all you can get...for sure!

Anonymous said...

Glad for you that the neighborhood is changing.
It does help to know you are making the other guy miserable , doesn't it? And you are only doing the right thing. Maybe you CAN teach an old dog new tricks and he will change or maybe move.

HermitJim said...

Maybe it's time for some well placed "booby traps", ya reckon?

This guy just doesn't catch on, does he?

Hope the new neighbors work out for ya!

Stephanie said...

I don't know how you stay so calm about the "bad" neighbors. I lived next to someone like that for 7yrs and they drove me insane! Good luck!

Did it MY way said...

How many bad neighbors in the area? Seems we need more good than bad. How much properity for sale in the area?

Trying to plan a trip in July. Sister-in-law lives in Fowervillie.

See Ya

Mayberry said...

There seems to be about one good person in every hundred. Not good odds...

debbieo said...

We use to have a neighbor, in town, who didnt have water, electricity or gas. He took his truck with a big tank on it out and stole water from farmers. He had three little girls and a wife all of whom he abused. He would target practice in his basement. I prayed they would move. They did when they didnt pay their payments and got kicked out. It was so sad. The little girls would come over and ask to take a bath and they were all pre school age. Made me sick.
I saw him almost bite his wifes ear off once. I was glad to see him go, wife wouldnt leave.