Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Part Time Neighbor

Awhile ago 34 acres next door to us sold. About two months ago a driveway was cut into the property and we were blessed with four dump truck loads of free topsoil. We've been wondering when the guy would show up so we could welcome him to the neighborhood. Ha, ha.

This evening we drove by and saw a car, screen room and small travel trailer parked at the end of his drive. After visiting the DNR boat landing we turned into his drive.

No one around but the bonfire was going full blast.

I kid you not!!!!

If it creeps beyond the 3 foot diameter sand base we're toast. We've been over there twice since and still no one there. You know me, I got pissed and started kicking dirt on the fire. Sweetie joined in and watered it down ah naturally.

Maybe, maybe he'll get the hint. Our garden hose is aimed in the direction of his campground. I don't think I'll sleep well tonight.


Anonymous said...

He was probably just hiding from you in the camper.
Maybe he was having intestinal trouble and using the facilities.
Or maybe he was in town 'stocking up' on BS and alcohol.
Maybe he forgot his bug spray and had to go to town. No, the car was there. Unless , they had another vehicle.
Maybe he was checking the perimeter of his 34 acres.
Maybe he is dead in his camper.
B. How's that for imagination?

CoyotePrime said...

Hi Treesong,
Thanks for the comment on the blog. You left before I posted this. I hope it helps.

Did it MY way said...

Maybe he is one of those "City" campers. Park his camper, and build a fire.
Hopefully you can do a good deed, and inform him of proper country living. Starting with fire hazards. Where are all these idiots comming from?

I did not get your e mail. Send again?

See Ya.