Thursday, August 9, 2012

There is Never Enough Water

Some people learn this the hard way.

We all have private wells here and for some strange reason a few have been on the blink this week. Each well owner was assured it's not a drought due to the immense amount of rainfall we've had. However, the ground is composed of springs and coral, some sand, some clay and a lot of human activity on top of it!

Whatever the well problems were caused by - and I don't have all the info on that - I did hear that EVERY one of these owners had NO WATER stored.

You can't cook noodles in Diet Coke! And after a few thoughtless flushes, your well tank is dry!

The problems started in the middle of the night. ONE gas station is open 24/7 and doesn't stock a lot of water. The grocery store has a water dispenser in front of it but requires you provide the containers. The Dollar General closes at 10 p.m. and again, stocks little water.

Add to that unprepared homeowners who don't have money for a new pump or whatever the problem is.

And finally, it is hot as Hades out here with high humidity that lasts late into the night. Even the birds and squirrels are laying low.

We have water and stocked up on more of it yesterday.

We also have a well we know little about.

Without food and water, you haven't got a chance at survival.

The same people in this neighborhood without preps are the same without generators or hand pumps (some wells here are shallow).

Always good to have a reminder of how important preps are and NOT be the one in need of them.


Sixbears said...

Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

I am amazed how little most peole have set aside for emergencies.

treesong said...

So am I!

The news if full of one disaster or event after another but most of mankind wears blinders.

I needed more shelving so used water jugs as the "frame" for the shelves!

HermitJim said...

Using the water jugs as a base for shelving sounds like what I would do!

Some folks will never be prepared, no matter what!

Stupid just can't be fixed!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. Treesong!!
Yes hot as the depths of hell and the humidity is almost strangulating!! We are supposedly not in drought here but tell that to the lakes and canals around here! Boats are all in dry dock simply because they can't come off the lifts because they have nowhere but sand to go !! Some of our docks run about a hundred feet from the property before even getting to the boathosuses and the "new beaches" go another 50 feet beyond that. I have never seen it so dry here in even the last 26 years!! My daughter and I went to several stores today for our monthly run and the produce being brought in looks absolutlely pathetic!!! Much is grown local and looks drought ravaged. So very sad. However we are indeed prepared with extra water reserves and a filtration system similar to berkey. We both have rain barrels etc. Many think we are odd because of it. But those same many didnt live here when Charlie came through and we went without power and water for over a week in August in heat and humidity. But guess what? We could flush toilets and drink and bathe!!! The government didnt get here till not quite 2 days before power and water came back on line with ice and bottled water and those full of salt MRE's!! Count on you yourself and youuns folks!!

Florida Mom

treesong said...

Anonymous, Rain barrels are next on our list!

Are you located in Florida or close by? Will be interesting this weekend to see what fresh produce looks like and costs.

Anonymous said...

Yes mam we are south central Florida. little success with our gardens this year. Too hot too dry and too early for spring. Having hopes to fair better with our fall and winter gardens. One suggestion for you though if you plant do the container route for most things. It never fails things do real well then we get a freeze!! Have found it much easier to do containers and haul them inside with cold weather. Raised beds do ok IF you get them covered well and there is no wind to blow the covers off. Cabbage does pretty well in raised beds in cold as long as covered with the cold snaps. They are easy to throw a bucket over with a rock on top!!! Many blessings to you guys down here!!!

Florida Mom

treesong said...

Florida Mom, Thanks for the info. I want container gardening but George says they won't drain well enough with all our rain. Time will tell. The way things stand right now, we won't plant a thing until next year. I have a large amount of seeds saved so covered there.

If you're ever coming through Inglis, give me a yell. We're 1-1/2 miles west of Hwy. 19 on south side of Withlacoochee.

You sound like you have lots of energy!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the invite!! Will keep it in mind!! I try to have a lot of energy but the older I get the more it flees my grasp!! Never thought the health problems would get me this early in my 50's but you do what you gotta do when you gotta do it the best way you can right??!!! I do try though. Tell George the containers are the way to do it here in the winter (which you all will love by the way!) there is not much rain to be had and the drainage isnt an issue or at least hasnt been for us. there is an awesome system for buckets that uses a minimal amount of water to be found on you tube. I think it is called global buckets. you essentially use two buckets a plastic drinking cup and a piece of PVC pipe. Drill the holes fill the bottom with water insert the cup with slits cut in it fill with dirt put PVC pipe in the holes to fill bottom bucket with water as needed plant your plant and there you have it!! It was ingenious and a school project that a couple high school kids did being used in other poverty stricken and drought areas to grow food for sustainability. Check it out!!! Well daughter is coming over to can more jam for our winter stores!! Today doing Monkey Butter. Granddaughter will love it!!!
Many blessings!!

Florida Mom

Oh before I forget!!! I read here awhile back you were having a flea problem. Let me share what we have done this year (first time in 10 years we have had a problem by the way) On type in Little City Dogs capstar. They have generic capstar which kills the suckersVERY quickly and generic Program the once monthly treatment. The price is a FRACTION of the name brand and it works!!!

treesong said...

Florida Mom,

Just read your bucket gardening post to George.

He never gardened in Florida, other than flowers in the yard, so I think his eyes have been opened.

Gardening in the winter still sounds weird to this northerner but we'll give it a try!

Thanks again.